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Choice of administrators

Here you will find service providers appointed by the administration and who, in addition to helping L2jBrasil stay on the air, were handpicked to compose this portfolio.
Remember, L2jBrasil does not provide services, this space is dedicated to sponsors.


  1. L2JCenter Hosting & Internet Solutions

    Dedicados, Cloud, Hospedagem, Domínios e Suporte à L2J. Entre em contato através de nosso site.

  2. Atualstudio Web Development   (17,807 visits to this link)

    Founded in 2010, we operate in the website development, systems, apps and design segments.
    E-mail: [email protected] · Whatsapp: +55 77 99977-9727 · Instagram · Facebook · More

  3. AlphaServers

    Especialista em servidores dedicado e semi. Whats (67) 9 9949 7100

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