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We are cheerful to present a new world of Lineage 2! 
Are you a fan of classic Lineage 2 Interlude? Are you tired of endless add-ons? Time to try something new.


What did we prepare for you?

- One of the best-balanced Lineage 2 Interlude.
- The server includes the latest updates and fixes of Interlude chronicle.
- The newest graphic upgrades available in Lineage 2 Interlude.
- The most colorful and customized skill performance - classic abilities with new animations.
- All skill animations (including Flames of Invincibility, Day of Doom etc.) visible without any lags and glitches.
- No uncommon add-ons! Classic Lineage 2 Interlude chronicle.
- Sophisticated and elegant interface.
- Remarkable graphic design of all NPC and mobs at any location.

Experience a whole different world of Lineage 2 Interlude.
- Forget about the lags and low FPS in mass PVP. With fully adjustable settings you can adjust the game client accordingly to the characteristics of your PC.
- You do not need any extra patches with limited effects with our new game optimization.

Server Rates:
- Exp: x1200, Sp: x1200
- Adena: x300 (in all locations, except for the locations indicated below) - Farm Zone Life Stone x2500, Farm Zone Light x2500, Farm Zone Dark x2500
- Drop: x1

- Chronicle: Interlude Remastered
- The best of the Lineage 2 PvP world at hot rates.
- 3 farm zones.
- 3 types of cloaks with minimal stats to bring more interesting class balance to the game.
- Class balance, server statistics by race is open to everyone, all combat classes are adapted to PvP.
- Fully working skills of Interlude and Agumentation, all skills of Augmentation for the realities of x1200 rates.
- Removed all unnecessary and uncomfortable drop.
- Endless Soulshot / Spiritshot.
- Endless Arrows.
- Subclass without a quest.
- Nobless without a quest.
- You just need to be in the party that finished off the boss, be at a distance of no more than 1500 from him and be on the subclass of at least 75 lvl!
- Auto learning skills and autoloot.
- High quality geodata, you will not encounter delays or dips in the texture.
- A unique Game shop where you will find everything you need to play.
- Convenient Buffer with working profiles for saving.
- All professions without a quest.
- No shadow donation, equal and transparent conditions for everyone.

- Everything you remember about the Olympics at Interlude - FORGET!
- We have prepared a completely new Olympiad, with new features and new arenas!
- Duration of the Olympiad: from 18:00 to 24:00 Moscow time.
- Olympiad period: 1 week. Maximum sharpening at the Olympics +6. Items with a higher enchant level are equal to +6 stats.
- HWID protection.
- Non-class battles require 5 player registrations.
- The minimum number of battles to be included in the list of those fighting for the title of hero is 9. Of these, the minimum number of victories is 1.
- New Olympic stadiums with obstacles!

- The chance to get a skill with Top LS is 10%.
- You can get it in a special location, a complete analogue of Dino Island - Epoch Life Farm Life Stone.
- ATTENTION! From 00:00 to 12:00 Moscow time, the PvP zone will turn on in this zone!
- The chance to get a skill with High LS is 5%.
- You can get it from champions with a 40% chance or mobs at the CTF event.
- Triggers skills are not displayed in passive skills.

- Safe enchant level: +3.
- Maximum enchant level: Weapon +18, Armor +14, Jewelry +14.
- Balanced sharpening chance.

Clan System:
- The maximum number of people in a clan is 9. Each pack boosts the clan for itself!
- An alliance can have a maximum of 3 clans.
- All penalties have been canceled.
- There is no bonus distribution of clan skills.
- When a clan is created, it gets level 8.
- To study the clan skills, you will need the Memento Mori item, which drops on the Epoch Isle in the Farm Life Stone zone

Class Balance:
- Classes such as SH and SORK have been completely redesigned: unnecessary skills have been removed, new ones have been added. 
- MM (water) / SORK (fire) / CX (air) are completely three classes identical in parameters and a set of skills, but taking into account their specifics of elementals.
- Absolutely ALL character classes are balanced in terms of damage, chance and skill action

Additional Server Commands:
- .epic - information about the status of Epic Bosses.
- .rb - information about the state of the Special Bosses.
- .menu - full player control panel.
- .topclans - clan statistics.
- .classmaster - study of the profession.
- .acp - ACP setting.

Server information: https://top.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?a=stats&u=epoch-life

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      START: 04.04.2021
      WEBSITE: https://top.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?a=in&u=l2temida
      I would like to invite everyone to play together on the L2Temida server. The server uses English, so we are open to players from all over the world.
      We have many years of experience related to the game Lineage 2 Interlude, which we dedicate to the server, where you will spend your free time pleasently. We listen to each individual, we consider each proposal, we try to fix all errors related to the game immediately after the notification. We are a young team that strives to make the game give you a lot of joy and let us fulfill ourselves in realizing the goals we have set ourselves.
      Video promoting server L2Temida:
      Experience (EXP) - 8x
      Skill Points (SP) - 8x
      Adena - 6x
      Drop Items - 8x
      Spoil - 9x
      Weight Limit - 3x
      Drop Quest - 6x
      The best protection against Bots (The best servers use it !!)
      Skills, Classes, Drop and Spawn System - PTS !
      Temida Shop is avaible where we can buy Soulshots, mana potions and many other interesting things. We’ll find Mammon there too.
      Buffer (for players and pets) - Yes
      Maximum Buffs Slots - 26 + 4
      Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 1 hours
      Olympiads Max Enchant - 10
      Sub-Class Quest - Not
      Class Master - Yes (in Giran)
      Offline mode Shop - Yes (.offline)
      Auto Learn Skills - Yes
      Champions System - Yes
      Wedding System - Yes
      Global Gatekeeper - Yes
      Scrools, Life Stones, Divine Books and Giants Codex is Stackable.
      Weight Limit - x3
      LvL Differences in Party - 19
      LvL Differences in RB - 8
      Regen HP, P Def., M Def. and Attack increased on RB x2
      Full C-Grade in Luxury Shop
      Full B-Grade in B Grade Master (Giran)
      Working siege Clan Hall (Fortress of Resistance, Bandit Stronghold, Devastated Castle, Wild Beast Reserve, Rainbow Springs Chateau and Fortress of the Dead).
      1 Box are allowed ( Main + 1 Box ).
      New Player Bonus: Each new player gets Rune of Experience Points 30% and Rune of SP 30% for 5h.
      Coin’s of Luck is the additional currency in game. They can be obtained through Voting and Donation.
      Book and Amulets drop has been blocked.
      Greater CP Potion, CP Potion and Quick HP has 2 sec reuse.
      All commands available here: (.help)
      All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant.
      Safe Enchant - 3
      Max Enchant - 16
      Normal Scroll chance - 60%
      Blessed Scroll chance - 60% and not crystallizes
      Achievements System.
      Rune System.
      Special RB - Granit.
      Special Mob - Dragonfly.
      Radio in Client.
      Map: CT, FOG, IT, MOS, Catacombs, Necropolis, Devil Isle, Ant Nest.
      Anti Lag System - It improves performance especially on weak computers.
      Custom Interface.
      TvT - 11:00, 18:00, 21:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 20 FA, 40 CoL. Top reward list - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
      CtF - 11:00, 18:00, 21:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 40 CoL, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
      DM -  11:00, 18:00, 21:00, lvl: 1-81, Reward: 40 CoL, High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
      TvT, CtF, DM are interchangeable
      Event Finder - 17:00, 22:00, lvl: 76+, Reward: 200 FA
      Collect Medals and Glittering Medals.
      Kamaloka by L2Temida
      More information can be found on our Forum or Website
      Join Today !
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