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  1. Sim mais cual tirar error pra instalar tudos os programas en linux
  2. Oi gente..Eu tenho una duda e preciso ajuda pfv..Compre un vps systema linux e nao sei cual systema linux e melhor pra meu sv Brigado
  3. Eu ja fiz iso e nem asi consigo colocar sv on pra meus amigo....Vc pode me ajudar no teamviwer? To loco cara ja faz dois dias com ese error INI URL] Protocol=unreal ProtocolDescription=Unreal Protocol Name=L2K1 New Generation Map=Index.unr LocalMap=Entry.unr Host= Portal= MapExt=unr EXEName=l2.exe SaveExt=usa Port=7777 Class=LineageWarrior.MFighter ServerAddr=l2parmenides.servebeer.com IsL2NetLogin=True IsL2Console=True IsL2Seamless=True IsL2Projector=True ISL2Mark=2 ForceAspectRatio=False AspectRatio=1.334 IsDefaultShaodw=False IsUnderWaterEffect=False
  4. Oi eu lei tuda a pagina tentando solucionar error. Meus amigos nao pode logar nao meu servidor .Abri os porto no meu ruther tmb e nem asi pode logar preciso ajuda pfv Login--- # This is transmitted to the clients connecting from an external network, so it has to be a public IP or resolvable hostname ExternalHostname = l2parmenides.servebeer.com # This is transmitted to the client from the same network, so it has to be a local IP or resolvable hostname InternalHostname = # Bind ip of the loginServer, use * to bind on all available IPs LoginserverHostname = * LoginserverPort = 2106 # How many times you can provide an invalid account/pass before the IP gets banned LoginTryBeforeBan = 20 # Time you won't be able to login back again after LoginTryBeforeBan tries to login. Provide a value in seconds. Default 10min. (600) LoginBlockAfterBan = 600 GMMinLevel = 100 # The address on which login will listen for GameServers, use * to bind on all available IPs LoginHostname = * # The port on which login will listen for GameServers LoginPort = 9014 # If set to True any GameServer can register on your login's free slots AcceptNewGameServer = True # If False, the licence (after the login) will not be shown # It is highly recomended for Account Seciurity to leave this option as defalut (True) ShowLicence = True Game server- # Enter here (ip) address of your game server, or use the symbol * GameserverHostname = * GameserverPort = 7777 # Configure your external ip ExternalHostname = l2parmenides.servebeer.com # Configure your internal ip InternalHostname = # Bunch ID and game server. It is better not to change. LoginPort = 9014 LoginHost = * # Database Pool Type # Possible Values: c3p0 or BoneCP # c3p0: more stable # BoneCP: more performance DatabasePoolType = c3p0 # Parameters Databases - MYSQL Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/ # Database name GameserverDB = l2jdb LoginserverDB = l2jdb # Login - Mysql's user Login = root # Password - Mysql's Password Password = # Attention: lazy init connections disabled! # Please, set only real values for your database # Default: 100 MaximumDbConnections = 50
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