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  1. RATES Experience - x30 Skill points - x30 Adena - x15 Drop - x10 Spoil x7 CONFIGURATIONS Auto loot enabled (except bosses) Subclass maximum level 80 All Three occupations are at 0 cost and can be taken from Kidmac Johnson (Located in every Town) Olympiad, Sieges, Territory Wars will be set to follow original gameplay Offline Store can launched via command .offlineshop (there are no specific regions) Auto potions enabled for elixirs, all known HP potions - Waiting on Community confirmation There are no Mana potions, you can use "Toggle Mana regen" 130MP/sec - Waiting on Community confirmation Subclass quest can be completed for 24 000 000 adena Buff slots 24+12 Skills are auto learned GLOBAL Seven Signs Event - 2 week cycle shall begin on Launch of Server Grand Olympiad - 1 month cycle shall begin on 5th March (might change) Siege and Territory Wars - 2 week cycle, first siege on 11 March (might change) Hellbound accessible from launch Mammon Trader (For AA) included in Giran/Rune/Hunters Subclass Quest Completer located in Aden, Giran, Oren RAIDS & INSTANCES Ant Queen– from 30 to 32 hours Core – from 50 to 52 hours Orfen – from 36 to 38 hours Antharas -11 days Valakas -11 days Baium - 5 days +8 hours WINDOW LIMITS & OTHER INFO Max clients per machine 2 - Waiting on Community confirmation Max clients per IP 5 - Waiting on Community confirmation Rim Kamaloka Available for All users Grand Opening: 1st March 2018
  2. [L2OFF] Beyond World

  3. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    Beyond World was first opened in 2006. This is one of the oldest and most famous projects of Lineage II in Lithuania, our servers still live in the memory of players. Now Beyond World enters the international level in order to present a unique concept of the server - we return the donations to the players. EXP/SP - x3 ADENA - x3 DROP/SPOIL - x3 (chance) QUEST ITEMS (DROP) - x1 QUEST REWARD (SP/EXP) - x3 QUEST REWARD (ADENA) - x1 Some Quests Reward: EXP/SP х1 Seven Signs, Series of Doubt Seven Signs, Dying Message Seven Signs, Mammon's Contract Seven Signs, Secret Ritual of the Priests Seven Signs, Seal of the Emperor Seven Signs, the Sacred Book of Seal Seven Signs, Embryo Seven Signs, Mysterious Girl Seven Signs, Forbidden Book of the Elmoreden Kingdom Seven Signs, To the Monastery of Silence Seven Signs, Solina's Tomb Seven Signs, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal EXP/SP х2 Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire Pailaka - Devil's Legacy Pailaka - Injured Dragon ADENA x3 Walk of Fate Ominous News Contract Execution Seal Removal Nikola's Heart Vain Conclusion Lost Dream Contract Completion Art of Persuasion Nikola's Cooperation Relic Exploration Supply Check All 3rd professions quests Fixed reward 1000а Bard’s Mandolin RB EXP/SP - x2 RB DROP CHANCE - x2 EPIC RB DROP/EXP/SP/ADENA - x1 Seal stones - x2 (amount) Dimensional Fragment - x2 (amount) Epaulette - x2 (amount) Attribute - х2 (chance) Autoloot - disabled Offtrade - not yet known Limited boxes - not yet known Learning Skills - at class-master Buff slots - 24+12 Class transfer - 1,2 for adena, 3 for quest Subclass, Noblesse - for quest Seven Signs event - period 2 weeks, start of registration February, 26 Grand Olympiad - period 1 month, start March, 1 Siege and TW - period 2 weeks, the first siege March, 11 Respawn world RB - 12+8 hours random Hellbound open from start, level 11 All epic bosses are dead from the start Queen Ant 24 hours, random +-2 hours Orfen 36 hours, random +-2 hours Core 36 hours, random +-2 hours Baium 5 days, random 0..2 hours Baium - 82 level, guards - 80 level Antharas 11 days, the entrance to the nest is not limited Valakas 11 days, the entrance to the nest is not limited For enter to SoD (Tiat) is necessary 27-45 characters For enter to Zaken (night) is necessary 27-72 characters Premium status (bonus +50% exp/sp) Accessories and Agathions Consumables Start of the OBT is scheduled for February 9, 20.00 (utc +2) We may change the current server features
  4. Elfen Interface v5 Updated

    enjoy it if you like the interface :)
  5. Elfen Interface v5 Updated

    hope you enjoy it :)
  6. Elfen Interface v5 Updated Features: Party Class Icons Auto Assist (Fixed) Auto Arcane Power Fixed New Inventory New Shortcut bars up to 5 AutoPotions added on shortcut Buff Size x16 i didnt add x24 cuz i make a small gift for the community without full functions. Always add copyrights on your fraps / etc Thanks more new things inc soon. Notice: if it's not working on smartguard servers some servers i wont do any bypass for free just in case. Last Thing if you send me any pm talk ENGLISH i do not understand brasilian LANGUAGE.

    there wont be any updates anymore on elfen interface :) since i do my own + bypasses
  8. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    hey Grundor yes once the new update come out i will give it as .zip there are no viruses i'll be honest to you point is with exe was way faster to install it.

    Official Creator of those is volond
  10. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    he do not know well english thats why.
  11. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    nope only for interlude it's made
  12. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    im just his mate.
  13. Interface Classic to Interlude

    You can take a look there guys this version works 100% and do not kicks you after 30 minutes or so.
  14. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    great :) this version is 100% stable and work perfect and do not kicks people from the game.
  15. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    everything works smoothly without any problems. install the exe on Lineage2 Folder or create on Desktop one folder install here go on this folder take files paste on your client ready.