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  1. Elfen Interface v5 Updated

    enjoy it if you like the interface :)
  2. Elfen Interface v5 Updated

    hope you enjoy it :)
  3. Elfen Interface v5 Updated Features: Party Class Icons Auto Assist (Fixed) Auto Arcane Power Fixed New Inventory New Shortcut bars up to 5 AutoPotions added on shortcut Buff Size x16 i didnt add x24 cuz i make a small gift for the community without full functions. Always add copyrights on your fraps / etc Thanks more new things inc soon. Notice: if it's not working on smartguard servers some servers i wont do any bypass for free just in case. Last Thing if you send me any pm talk ENGLISH i do not understand brasilian LANGUAGE.

    there wont be any updates anymore on elfen interface :) since i do my own + bypasses
  5. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    hey Grundor yes once the new update come out i will give it as .zip there are no viruses i'll be honest to you point is with exe was way faster to install it.

    Official Creator of those is volond
  7. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    he do not know well english thats why.
  8. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    nope only for interlude it's made
  9. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    im just his mate.
  10. Interface Classic to Interlude

    You can take a look there guys this version works 100% and do not kicks you after 30 minutes or so.
  11. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    great :) this version is 100% stable and work perfect and do not kicks people from the game.
  12. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    everything works smoothly without any problems. install the exe on Lineage2 Folder or create on Desktop one folder install here go on this folder take files paste on your client ready.
  13. Neophron Classic [Start Edition]

    Start Edition A stable basic version with the necessary functionality. ADC with L2 Classic design: Click to activate. Effect on / off. Counter items. Bindi shortcuts: The buttons have hints. 5 Shortcuts Sockets: Dynamic change the size of the window buffs: Maximum - 24 Pixel (Standard) / Medium - 20 Pixel / Minimum - 16 Pixel. Automatic sorting of buffs: Sorts buffs into rows. Buff / Songs & Dance / Debuff. Optional. Noblesse Transfer: It transfers Noblesse from a number of buffs to a series of debuffs. It is displayed in the debuffs, while it remains a buff. Optional . Debuff timers: Alternative class icons in the party: Optional. Compact style of party window: Optional. On-screen alerts from L2 Classic: Optional. Transparency of Shortcuts: Optional. Chat Transparency: Optional. Shift of the subject in the chat: Shows: Name / Sharpening / SA / Number. Saves the chat prefix and text. Karma Bar: Automatically switches the Experience Bar to the Karma Bar when receiving karma. Automatically switches the Karma Bar to the Experience Bar, if there is no more karma. Implemented all the main windows that are called from the new menu: Advanced inventory of L2 Classic: Sharpening. Sorting. The L2 Classic Restart / Logout menu: Audit of gained experience. Audit of the received adena. System Menu L2 Classic: Maps from L2 Classic: 17 cities and 7 auctions. Manual retouching. Accurate calibration. Other windows L2 Classic: Press the Yellow Button to Download the Interface. All Credits Going to Neophron ! Password: RAWRNPHRNeUIYHpXs This version does not contain the functions of automating the game process and pvp scripts. Updating and maintaining the functionality of this version is not implemented. to get Ultimate Version u have to contact Neophron NOTE This version works Perfectly and do not gives any Dissconect after 20 Minutes or so.. hope you Enjoy !