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  1. How to Add Prime Shop Points??
  2. curtain

    Kingserver Dúvidas

    I need your help, I'm from China, Prime Shop can not be displayed, use your system can display normal, this is a packet questions? There can not be read when the landing to the number of roles, hoping to get help
  3. curtain

    Kingserver Dúvidas

    Thank BossForever answer
  4. curtain

    Kingserver Dúvidas

    Brazil L2 players Hello, I come from China, very loving L2, can ask some questions? (X-Npc Buffer - ID 80000) and (Npc Enchanter - ID 80007) is useless? Moreover, on PrimeShop how to add? Hoping to get help! I thank you on behalf of the Chinese players! , Hoping to get a reply, my English is not very good level.
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