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Scammer Soneka Games (

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Hi guys! Beware of having any business with this person.

April 9 one dude added me in skype (his skype login:


and his Lineage 2 server adress:

He purchased via my online shop lobby and one arena map in total of 529$. After that he comes to virus and purchased some armor sets from him.

Day later he wanted to buy adaptation of new hellbound island from latest korean client and all mobs for that island. He sended to Virus:



Virus check that payment received from different paypal addresses, he did the refund back of all money.




After that this dude is writing "we have 18 emails (paypal) and 22 bank accounts."


On next day he opened dispute to Virus paypal, 1 day ago deleted him from skype. And after sometime he returned money from purchased files in my shop to his (or not his) paypal account (maybe he used stolen paypal accounts to pay money to us).





Virus will attach more info later in this topic.


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Precisando de Dedicado ou VPS?

Conheça a L2JCenter

Now you understand why commerce is banned in the forum virus?


  • [PT/BR]Prestação de serviços, suporte externo ou redirecionamentos externos - Usar o fórum para prestar serviços ou suporte externo, sendo ele gratuito ou não, são proibidos. Assim como respostas em tópicos contendo links de redirecionamentos a outro site, e-mail, mensageiro instantâneo ou outra forma de resposta que não seja no tópico em questão. A L2jBrasil não se responsabilizará por qualquer dano que você tome por contratar esses serviços. Todas as dúvidas devem ser respondidas no tópico da L2jBrasil em que foram criadas.


  • [EN] Provision of services, external support or external redirects - Use the forum to provide external services or support, whether free or not, are prohibited. As well as responses on topics containing links from redirects to another site, e-mail, instant messenger, or other form of response other than the topic in question. L2jBrazil shall not be liable for any damages you may incur by contracting such services. All doubts should be answered in the L2jBrazil topic where they were created.
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That's the main reason why we do not use this forum for merchant purpose, if you do (edit: not public and directly, on a specific topic or post), you will not get banned you are free to do on your private message on your skype, etc.

Selling online has this problem, you should be prepared to ensure to PayPal or another e-wallet that you really did the job and delivered the service, besides products, services could not be refunded after it delivered, it should be explicit at you terms, you should take real name, address, phone, email before starting a job, you must have insurances that you are doing a job and will get paid by them.  On PayPal, always use invoice system:


It is in Portuguese but will be easily understood, you must use services in hours, you must attach files (anexar arquivos) that's proof your chat, and client agreement with email or skype address visible.

In L2jBrasil terms, we said that we do not take any responsibility from damages or loss from our users, it's an individual and personal responsibility keep you safer as possible, selling, buying, hiring etc.

Reminder: Be careful with online transactions aways get the real name and address, and let explicit the terms of use/service/product, especially on amateur transactions.  

I'm sorry for your loss, but we can not do anything to help.

Thanks for warning us.





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O problema n é vender pelo paypal. Problema é o paypal brasileiro mesmo. Todos os outros paypal tem a a opção para enviar como amigo/familiar. com essa opcao n tem como pedir refund. e é por essa opção que virus e demev vende em outros forums. Nem sei pq ele vendeu sem ser por essa opção.

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