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  1. Is that possible way to change the buffer profiles? like instead of Scheme makeer so just save the buffs you have on you (without self skills or vip buffs) and save it like profile?
  2. send you PM with password and link 🙂 enjoy
  3. Hi man,, you make a great JOB! thank you for sharing! is that function to change buff time? (like Buff Duartion) and you wrote its source but its compiled files
  4. Good JOB Man !!! but there is no source only compiled files : S Is there somewhere i can change the buffs time?(Time Duartion)
  5. Hello everyone, I have High Five L2jadvanced ,its like the L2AvA, Every event when starts the poll for join event With the Confirm and Cancel buttons the character stuck, I mean he can move but it take you to the start point,like lags, but after the event start/canceld it back to normal..something have idea? No errors in gs/ls
  6. Newbie system dont work on Acis 382(alot of error and miss lines in diff) what ver needed for this'?
  7. Hi,Thank you for this post! GJ Is that patch for this pack?
  8. dodelez

    Request Buffer

    buffer like this with profile settings.
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