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  1. ok i ll try clean check out goodwork now thank Some question this patch max lv 90 not have weapon or armor s grade? dynasty or vesper alegia ect?
  2. Last Rev. has lot error and stuck on [INFO ][2020-05-23 04:21:01][SpawnsData:init:55]: Initializing spawns... cpu has 100% log https://pastebin.pl/view/b7eda88e
  3. use mysql verstion 8
  4. try enable on config?
  5. mobius private source, it is already protocol 245? he not update new protocal some people it leak him file you need pepole to test your server?
  6. Hello, Can you make Transcendent Eternal Armor for Hi5 server or can make for sale I see the armorgrp it difference on can not adapt , please pm or email  [email protected] for contact

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