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Status Updates posted by NevesOma

  1. FREE Npc with Effects by me for people! Available for downloading.


  2. Halloween mount


  3.  Scarlet Van Halisha fixed bug for Interlude


  4. Custom Hero visual effect for Interlude ( FREE for people )


  5.  Gold Anakim Agathion & Blue Anakim agathion


  6. Custom Animated Wings with effects and sounds


  7.  Flying Valakas Wings Animated, effects, sounds



  8. Added Discord server with Client Mods: https://discord.gg/SpnkNB

    There will gradually be laid out, too, fresh works and you from among the first can download free modifications from me.




  9.  Lineage 2 Hero Click, unique and fresh click style for Lineage 2.


  10. Training dummy, new and improved style:


  11. Example of work: Tyrannosaurus mount for Lineage 2, attack actions, sounds, saddle, unique mount by NevesOma


  12. Example of my new work: Halloween event skill


  13. Example of my works: Agathions Zaken with effects in two styles: Fire and Night.


  14. Lineage REVOLUTION Costumes for All chronicles!

    A lot of work done, handmade for all models. This is a mini preview, models are available for all races! I can also make for you absolutely any costume from L2R or from another game that works completely for Lineage 2!




  15. Newbie helper Classic styles for C4, Interlude, H5, Gracia, etc...


  16. New quest direction indicator for all chronicles.


  17. Replace any default NPC with Effect + server logo in 1 click!


  18. Blood Damage Effect beta for all chronicles


  19.  Lineage Shark costume for all races. All chronicles. Example of work.


  20. CustomiconPack.png.51d0a593e4e7808900f34


    All Icons from Fafurion.

    To view the icons you can use L2tool by Acmi, Umodel by Gildor, L2ViewUtx, UTPT or L2 Database ( web ).

    The names of the icons remained original.


    Download Link: click

  21. 2 new agathions for Lineage 2 High Five: Bat and Moon, already available for downloading!


  22. Lineage 2 Interlude new custom mount with Effects, Skills and Sounds! Possible ti make any different mount style for Lineage 2 Interlude.


  23. Unique FREE Lineage Death Knight Skills, hats, free NPCs for all people.

  24. Unique share for Lineage 2 High Five, Fafurion Breath Skill with sounds for free by NevesOma


    1. belf


      thank you even my noble.
      really you and amazing.
      skills Antharas / Valakas / Lindvior I already have for interlude.
      only the fafurion was missing.
      put the fafurion like the other dragons.
      there is also another weapon skill, where the dragon wings do not appear, but just the right water effect?
      there are 2 Skills each dragon if I remember correctly.
      do you want to do the other one?

  25. Share Assassin's Bamboo Hat ( Interlude ) for all classes.



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