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  1. Nice NPC with effects for Lineage 2, unique fire stand for all chronicles. For questions: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Discord: NevesOma#3182 Site: www.l2j-mod.ru Download: click
  2. Another my work for people! Npc with Effects!
  3. FREE Npc with Effects by me for people! Available for downloading.


  4. Another example, halloween mount, works on all chronicles.
  5. Halloween mount


  6. These should work. You need to make some edits to the npcgrp and you can see them.
  7. I am also pleased that I was able to help a lot of people.
  8. UPD: added +1 fix for first Halisha transformation too ( ID 29046 ). Now works without bugs First Halisha Transformation and 2nd Halisha transformation. Please redownload new archieve with new update. Post updated. DOWNLOAD
  9. My new update, fixed Halisha's bug effect for Interlude:
  10. In the Lineage 2 interlude, the Scarlet Van Halisha ( Frintezza ) works with an error, namely, the effect of the weapon is not located near the weapon, but inside the body, this is incorrect, so I decided to fix it and put it out for everyone as a small gift. Just replace and add files. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can write me. Contacts for questions: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Discord: NevesOma#3182 Site: www.l2j-mod.ru V3 ( UPDATE from 26.10 ) Download: click ( Link updated for 1st Halisha transformation, now works fine both t
  11.  Scarlet Van Halisha fixed bug for Interlude


  12. Don't understand, please explain more precisely what needs to be done. UPD: I understood what you mean. Okay, I think this might be a little gift for everyone from me.
  13. Yea, I can imagine it, it's good idea. :) I can do something with duels circles.
  14. Mod from @Asuki for High Five and Gracia chronicles. Some users wanted this mod for interlude. I made it for interlude. For glow color you can replace the textures that are already attached in the archive, or you can change the color of the glow in the ENV.int file, everything is at your discretion. I also changed the size of the secondary glow a little, as it seemed to me it was a little big. Download link: Download
  15. Another example, Hero visual mod effect FREE for people
  16. Custom Hero visual effect for Interlude ( FREE for people )


  17. Yes, I think it can be done for Interlude too ( replacing of default Hero aura ).
  18. Yes, for first need to decompress packages. Game based on Unity, yes? If we talk about Garena free fire.
  19. Gold Anakim Agathion & Blue Anakim agathion, example of work.
  20.  Gold Anakim Agathion & Blue Anakim agathion


  21. Animated Wings ( Flying style ) with effects and sounds, example of work.
  22. Custom Animated Wings with effects and sounds


  23. My new example of work: Animated Valakas Flying wings with effects and sounds
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