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  1. Yes that's right. In order to make all textures into one, you need to manually decrypt + extract each of them and also manually import all textures. If there are many textures, then it will take a long time to complete + each texture can have its own settings and so on.
  2. NevesOma

    aura de boss

    Something like this can be done from client part too. Ive made before this Classic Antharas version for Interlude and all ok.
  3. Original author of these Death Knight versions of costumes for another races are Darksimonus, these costumes are from server L2Sacrifice. And in first post I think maybe it's an converting of these costumes to little chronicles.
  4. Dethrone NPCs ( monsters )


  5. Aegis weapons with improved levels


  6. New Bow Animation


  7. New example: Aegis suit for all chronicles Lineage 2
  8.  Aegis suit for all chronicles Lineage 2


  9. New example, Valakas armor, Fafurion armor, Antaras armor. Like suits too.
  10. Valakas armor, Fafurion armor, Antaras armor for all chronicles. Like suits too.


  11. NevesOma

    SYSTEM Client

    In database ( table etcitem ) find column consume_Type or something like this. Next find value normal, change it to stackable ( for each your IDs ). Next open etcitemgrp.dat with FileEditor, find your ID and in line of your ID after ItemSound.itemdrop_scroll you will see number 0, change it to 2 and save.
  12. NevesOma


    Without problems, skills, effects, sounds,
  13. NevesOma


    Yes, any bosses.
  14.  Special NPC with Effects example


  15. New wyvern style:


  16. Immon click:


  17. Unique Click for any chronicles:


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