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  1. Dwbryel

    [HTML] Lineage 2

    Site lindão pra você, aproveite os scripts e paines que tem no forum e coloque nesse site e use-o em seu servidor! [DOWNLOAD MEGA] Algumas imagens Créditos: one4all
  2. @Jadson Kewinn @THEPUNISHER link adicionado ao topico.
  3. Dwbryel

    Autopilot Engine

    Vejo que no canal teve uns updates no Autopilot, ta ficando bem interessante isso ai em @vert!!
  4. Topico atualizado com a versao Compilada da REV (702) Informacoes dos updates Revision 696 - Fixed Soul Crystal issues that occured since previous commit. Thanks Arlindok9. - Removed few weird Hot Springs mob spawns. - Added a missing Hot Springs npc spawn. - Admin commands for giving/deleting all target skills will now refresh client skill list. Revision 697 - Fixed Special Xmas Gift (ID: 5555) broadcasting content to all players. Thanks Arlindok9. - Replacing c3p0 connection pool with HikariCP. - Added MariaDB database driver. From now on, this will be the default driver. - Got rid of ConnectionClose task for unclosed connections. It's more like overheading than helpful. - Small organization in SiegeManager. - Threadpools will now stop earlier during shut down. Revision 698 - Small Admin Panel organization. - Updated database 'MaxDbConnections' property due to issues. Thanks luigifps for feedback. - Added Cylinder zone form. Thanks Joabi. - Fixed adena losing its order as ingredient in Multisell lists. Thanks confejulian. - Moved zone vertices to XML and got rid of sql table. - Got rid of few zone-related instance managers since new ZoneManager supports zone retrieval by class. - All zones have been split into files according to their type. Thanks to moving all zone data into XML and splitting them into files, their structure has been improved. - Added 'enabled' property for enabling/disabling whole zone XML lists. - Improved several boss zone vertices. - Added zone type ZONE_TOWN for distinguishing towns from rest of peaceful zones. - Added zone reload functionality. It's possible via //zone_reload admin command. - Added admin zone window. Admins have the ability to know which zones they are into, and what their properties are (e.g. No Landing state). - Admins can now visualize zones using admin zone window or corresponding commands. - Added button for admin zone window in Admin Panel. - Upgraded //zone_check command. Admins can now view a variety of zone and region data (e.g. Geo Region). This command will also open admin zone window. - Added command right access levels for zone commands. - Added warning during item XML files parsing, in case an item was not found into database for some reason. This will help admins with flaws regarding custom mods. - Characters who have not completed third class transfer cannot not view Olympiad manager noblesse window. They will still be able to observe matches, just like non-noblesse characters. - Minor correction in Login Server authentication. Revision 699 - Added few more checks regarding item XML-SQL warning that was added in previous commit. - In the case of game server, 'GameGuardEnforce' setting was moved to GameServer.properties. - Added 'GameGuardEnforce' setting for login server. - Removed 'GameGuardProhibitAction' setting since it was never used. - Added login support for clients without working gameguard. This also allows the last remaining C5 clients to connect to login server. - Added 'chaotic' and 'olympiad' player conditions. These can be used to limit item use only for chaotic or olympiad characters respectively. Revision 700 - Using GrandBoss settings for setting Antharas and Valakas possible wait time on server startup. Thanks Joabi. Revision 701 - Added configurable login server support for chaotic throne clients. Depending on forks, some game servers may need modifications to connect to login server. For now, it's tested with Interlude client. - Fixed credentials issue. Thanks Joabi. - Removed unused settings in LoginServer.properties. - Fixed exception that occured when a client with a forbidden protocol version tried to connect. Also, protocol version validation attempts will only be logged in debug mode. Revision 702 - Fixed character heading bug that occured when casting BSOE skills right after login. This has been reported many times in the past. Thanks edibraxi123 for reminding. (Also, removed Fake Death small cast hack since it was done to fix this bug). - UPnP will now be disabled by default. - LoginController will generate blowfish keys, only if newer clients are acceptable. - Using SetupGauge types when calling packet instead of integers, for a much better understanding. Obrigado @~DnR~ pelos updates!
  5. Olá Guys! Compartilhando mais uma coisinha [VOTE MANAGER] Agora vai ser um Ferramenta de Encriptar/Desencriptar arquivos da System. O rar vem FileProtection.exe Funciona como um Drag'n'Drop (arrastar) basta mover o arquivo que você deseja proteger/desproteger IMPORTANTE: FileProtection.exe funciona SOMENTE com arquivos que possuem o L2 original criptografia (enc 111, 121, 413)! Se você soltar um arquivo que não tem enc original, então Seu jogo falhará com as informações "Arquivos corrompidos! Faça uma verificação completa". O rar vem Patcher2.exe Adiciona todo o suporte necessário à pasta da System. Basta copiar o Patcher2.exe A pasta do System, clique duas vezes (para executá-lo) e REMOVE! Patcher2.exe da sua pasta da System! O rar vem System/Vmfx.dll Basta mover e deixar esse arquivo dentro da pasta do sistema. Vmfx.dll é o único arquivo que você deve compartilhar em público. É importante e que os jogadores tenham dentro pasta do sistema deles ANTES de iniciar o jogo - permite que eles se conectem com arquivos que foram protegidos por você. Caso contrário, o cliente do jogo trava com "Arquivos corrompidos! Por favor, faça uma verificação completa " [MEGA] Suporta: 111, 121 and 413 Lineage II encryption algorithms Funciona em Qualquer cronica de Lineage 2 (na epoca era até God nao sei os mais atuais) Nao é baseado em SmartCrypt ou LameCrypter Já tinha alguns anos e esqueci no HD, aproveitem 😃 Por aVVe PTool Encypt.zip
  6. Bom sobre o pack. Eu nunca joguei esse server, tem quem jogou, a pessoa que disponibilizou disse que teve mais de 200 players e nenhum problema de parte tecnica. Os eventos com mais de 50 participantes e nenhum problema também, então pode se levar a crer que está legal pra um PVP/Mid aparentemente. Requisitos JDK 7u43 MySQL 5.5 Navicat 12 Premium Intellij IDEA - Community Edition (Melhor Escolha) Aviso Usar o GeoData PTS do Gracia e um gerador de geodata pra L2J Ativar as funcoes de geodata do pack. Use Linux Centos 7 ou WinServer 2008 R2. Limpar o que o dev antigo fez (Como clãs e spawns corrompidos). Download : https://www.mediafire.com/file/2u00yyrjfettx1g/L2PRIDE.zip/file Credits:L2PRIDE GF SOURCE.zip Dav hNoke Khalifa Santa Claus
  7. @vinicius22 abre o "tables" e joga o SQL lá @mikado Obrigado pelo pack, é coisa rara as pessoas disponibilizar pack GvE Pretende disponibilizar a source?
  8. Editado @Christian-SDM
  9. Topico Atualizado com a nova SVN (https://gitlab.com/_DnR_/l2jlisvus) Recomendo que compilem o pack pela SVN, além de ter muiitos commits novos... Revision 680 Allowing Jython to use registry file. Developers can also use it to set certain python options. Instead of unsetting python.import.site inside jython source, it's better to do it in registry file. Revision 681 - Translated Echo Crystals script into Java. - Fixed critical hits being broken for all skills except for blows. Thanks legionarios. - Removed cron folder and TaskJython task. - Fixed issues when exchanging swords for dual swords in Blacksmith of Mammon. Thanks JMD, WilliamFS. - Organized SystemMessage Message IDs in order. - Added item count limit for all items. For stackable items, it's 2 billions, and 1 million for the rest. Thanks ASDron, JMD. - Fixed Private Store Sell weight and slot checks not working. - Removed some useless Integer.MAX_VALUE checks. - Fixed player weight overflow. Revision 682 - Translated Hero Items script into Java. - Translated Ketra Orc Support script into Java. - Translated Varka Silenos Support script into Java. - Mantras and Runes do not have a maximum count of 2 billion. - Character Skill List has become more retail-like. Skills are sorted by ID and toggles are always last. - Few improvements regarding Lists and Maps. Revision 683 - Corrected ToI entrance admin teleport. - Translated Race Track Teleporter into Java. - Translated TeleportWithCharm script into Java. - Translated 4 ToI teleport scripts into a single Java file. - From now on, all Java scripts will be loaded from JavaScriptManager class. - Removed main method from all Java scripts. - Walker npcs will use CreatureSay packet to broadcast their messages. Thanks JMD. - Few code improvements. Revision 684 - Added gitignore rules due to moving project to gitlab. Also, some changes were performed in ant build files. - Renamed BuffsPerSlot configuration to BuffSlotsPerRow. Revision 684b - Added missing ALT+G commands. Thanks JMD. - Added few missing System Messages. - Minor improvements for Faenor script engine. Revision 684c - Olympiad Stadiums rework. Removing Olympiad Stadium instances and using stadium zones instead. - Added teleport distance between Olympiad participants. Thanks Joabi. - Added more retail spawn locations for Olympiad participants. Thanks Joabi. - Fixed most stadium zone vertices pointing to wrong zones. - Renamed isChaotic to isAlternate for spawn locations. - Improved admin_zone_check command so that it displays more details about current zone(s). - Added useSSL=false parameter to database URL since couple of users had issues after using MySQL 5.7+. Revision 684d - admin_setinvul can now be used on L2Character. - Fixed an issue which caused clan hall warehouse not to work. Thanks Vito33. - Player siege state will now be set/reset on clan join/leave. - Added isWarehouse() property for folk npcs. - Fixed Unlock skill not working. Thanks improvise. - Fixed admin skill menu not displaying available orc mystic skills at times, due to bad HTML elements. Revision 685 - Fixed serious Olympiad issues that occured after previous Olympiad update. Thanks Joabi for pointing out. Revision 686 - Added 'Take Castle' button in admin panel. Thanks JMD. - Clan window will update when using 'Take Castle' or 'Take Clan Hall'. - Few improvements in Admin Pledge panel button. - Small improvement in OlympiadManager. Revision 687 - 688 - Added GNU license to project root folder. - Added custom minions table. Thanks JMD and Karakan. - Fixed Repent your Sins quest issues. Thanks Arlindok9. - Improved GMViewSkillInfo packet skill order. Revision 689 ChampionRewards and ChampionAdenasRewards settings will now accept float values. This gives admins the possibility to reduce original drop rate for champions. Revision 690 ClassCastException fix for admin_setinvul command. Revision 691 - Removed L2CharPosition class. Location can serve the same purpose. - Added GrandBoss properties file. Thanks JMD. - Grand Bosses respawn time calculation has been corrected. - Minor correction regarding AI moveToPawn timeout. 01-12-2019 - Fixed Private Store item count issues. Thanks Arlindok9. - Fixed a Private Store Sell issue regarding enchanted items. - Rewritten Oracle Teleport script into Java. Revision 694 - 05-12-2019 - Removed class templates from database. They are now located in stats/classTemplates.xml. With this, we get rid of 3 sql tables. Thanks Karakan for suggesting. - Fixed a class master NPE caused by GMs talking to NPC. - Added support for adding multiple items for characters first login. Thanks Arlindok9 for suggesting. - Admins can now add extractable items that extract multiple items, using a certain format. Thanks Arlindok9 for suggesting. - CharTemplateTable will now keep a proper cache for classes. - Added rate for fish extraction. - Removed certain spoil rates from configuration file, since they were never used. Revision 695 - 05-12-2019 - A fix regarding previous commit. - *Reference in 694: Added security checks in CharacterCreate packet.
  10. Sim, estou disponibilizando a rev que os DEVs disponibilizam já compiladas, quem quiser a mais atual compilada, tutorial nao falta no forum. Como a antiga do post tava uns 20 commits desatualizado, está de bom tamanho, se alguem compilar e quiser disponibilizar é bem-vindo.
  11. Topico atualizado com a versao compilada da rev mais atual (679) É necessario ter o JAVA 11 para que funcione!
  12. Depois do grande sucesso da Primeira temporada de Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen Foi anunciado no Twitter sua continuacao. (ainda sem data de estréia) Trailer da Primeira temporada Sinopse: Considerado um gênio por possuir as maiores notas do país, Miyuki Shirogane é o presidente do grêmio estudantil da prestigiosa escola Shuchiin, trabalhando junto com a bela e rica vice-presidente Kaguya Shinomiya. Os dois são considerados como o casal perfeito entre os estudantes da Shuchiin, apesar de que eles não estejam em um relacionamento amoroso. Contudo, depois de passar tanto tempo juntos, os dois acabaram se apaixonando. Infelizmente, nenhum dos dois está disposto em admitir seus sentimentos e confessar para o outro. Já que ambos enxergam isso como um sinal de fraqueza. Agarrando-se ao orgulho e transformando o amor em um campo de batalha, os dois se dedicam em bolar estratégias para fazer o outro confessar seu amor primeiro.
  13. porque nao é uma extencao do Eclipse se nao me engano é esse aqui http://java-decompiler.github.io/
  14. Voce pode usar um JAVA Decompiler nas revs compiladas e descobrir todo caminho do mod e retirar..
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