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  1. I got error files are corrupted for utx
  2. [BR] Olá. Estou procurando arquivos diff aCis 375-380. Estou interessado em trabalhar em um projeto, mas quero as atualizações que faltam apenas até a revisão 380, tenho todas as outras antes. Se alguém puder compartilhá-los comigo, eu apreciaria. Agradeço antecipadamente e desculpe pelo meu idioma que usei o Google Translate. [EN] Hello. I'm looking for aCis 375-380 diff files. I'm interested in working on a project but i want the updates that are missing only until revision 380, i have all the others before. If someone can share them with me i would
  3. [eng] If you want i can help you with that. I'm not very skilled in java but i can work on it on my pc and if you like any update you can take it.
  4. It works great, thank you so much!!!
  5. Thank you so much i will check it :)
  6. Hello, as tittle says i'm looking for code or what i need to make active augments stuck (even all of them) and passive just 1 for L2JFrozen last rev. Thanks in advance!
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