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  1. StinkyMadness


    Post here your Console Error so we direct you witch line on source have problem
  2. StinkyMadness


    i said if its NPC... your its VoicedCommand... so getObjectId() not required.
  3. Maybe you have messed up the XML, check your data/xml/skills/ and be sure your don't do something wrong on this skill. Then Reload skills and try again give the skill.
  4. StinkyMadness


    Your problem its on the Button acton="bypass" and if you use this HTML on NPC you miss also this line : private void showHtmlWindow(L2PcInstance activeChar) { NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(1); html.setFile("data/html/donate/pin.htm + html.replace("%objectId%", getObjectId()); player.sendPacket(html); }
  5. StinkyMadness


    If you don't give us full code that you use how we can help you in this level ? ?
  6. StinkyMadness


    private void showHtmlWindow (L2PcInstance activeChar) Already exist... just search it and you will find the way for sure.
  7. Just change the ID of the command on system and on Core.
  8. StinkyMadness


    private void showHtmlWindow(L2PcInstance activeChar) { NpcHtmlMessage html = new NpcHtmlMessage(1); html.setFile("data/html/donate/pin.htm"); player.sendPacket(html); } and move the html contect inside the "pin.htm" thats all.
  9. just adapt not improve any part of code (that is really old) : Here Also required on system/commandname-e.dat : 115 114 dressme
  10. https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/account-panel/ Trusted Seller, really good panel and good support, Payment Methods : Paypal , Paygol
  11. Post here full DIFF you got and maybe i will adapt it to last revision
  12. I don't know if allowed to post something like that but if not then moderator can warn me with message or correct me where i can post my services. - Augment System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : You can add any augment skill on any level. - Skill Enchant System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Codex Mastery : On failed keep the enchant value | Codex Donate 100% success. - Achievement System : Preview (Price : 50€) Note : Current list have 52 different achievements with unlimited stage each Flexible to add your own achievement. - Champion Level System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Each time you kill an champion monster it will level up on next spawn. On the final level you can setup to spawn any raidboss (or random from list).
  13. Looks like on your Database missing an column named "visual_item_id" i don't know the source your use but something was wrong on your database install or its missing this change.
  14. i was thinking something similar to daily achievements ? i don't get that with the "Coin" ? for now there are 52 Types each type (except some One-Time achievements like Noble,Leader,ClanLvL,Married and 2-3 more...) you can setup up to infinity leavel via XML only and SQL part its calculating in real time. Also some Achievement "Missing" from the video because it have "filter" like: ACADEMY : Appears only if you have not done the second class transfer. SPOIL : Appears only if you have spoil skill "ID : 254" else no reason to be there. CLAN_LEVEL_UP : Appears only if you are leader of your clan. CASTLE : Appears only if you are leader of your clan.ACADEMY and so on.. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list> <achievement type="MONSTER" name="Monster Killer" icon="icon.skill0018" desc="Kill %required% monsters."> <stage lvl="1" required="500" reward="57" count="1000"/> <stage lvl="2" required="1000" reward="57" count="1000"/> <stage lvl="3" required="2500" reward="57" count="1000"/> <stage lvl="4" required="5000" reward="57" count="1000"/> <stage lvl="5" required="10000" reward="57" count="1000"/> <stage lvl="6" required="25000" reward="57" count="1000"/> </achievement> </list>
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