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  1. Very nice rev.im looking for a fun server pvp.maybe x500 or x1000.do you think this project is good.i will test and report error for you :D.Thanks for sharing hard work
  2. Thanks for sharing this.Can i open online ?
  3. Hope you guys come back.im waiting for a long time :)
  4. Can you show me how to patch.because i got error in patch folder.file does not exist when patch with eclipse
  5. kingbill1


    You have to code it in source.I already tried still failed.^^.the only way is using l2jserver :D
  6. Thanks for your reply.thanks alot guys ^^
  7. yes.update rev 175.is this version good for open small server ?.thanks
  8. Please show me how to make Multisell item enchanted with :bj: this version works perfect i added alot npc.if need i will give you my pack ^^
  9. Can you guys teach me how to balance class? classDamages.properties physics.properties Can you post some of your balance class?.thanks for helping me.im from asia ^^
  10. Please put some image :D.tks for sharing this.^^
  11. Thanks for sharing.i will using this
  12. A npc which can be used for donation or even for normal players... - move enchants from one weapon to other, from armor to armor .. etc - move augument from a weapon to other - change color name - add nobless - improve clan - change your name - buy enchanted weapons, you can manage to sell full set npc is not created by me, i found it on one russian site i adapt it for frozen and i translate it > > > Download Shop< < < Item Market Is a market where peoples can add theier items for sell even if they are offline I founded this npc with man
  13. This is the best thing ever.Liked
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