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  1. You dont have to... I'm just saying that both cases are correct and effectiveness, independently of how much time will you spend.
  2. What will it break? Both cases are correct since you can change the signature of the method (alt + shift + c) and in 5 seconds the whole method will be changed with the new parameters and it will auto-find all previous methods and edit them by itself with the new structure of it ? so in a few words, drop the shit isOnline () which is returns int (wtf?) and make it returns boolean variable ...
  3. isOnline() method returns int value. so your check must be if (player.isOnline == 1) //online .... if (player.isOnline() == 0) //offline ..... another solution is to make a edit your method and make it returns boolean instead of int. public boolean isOnline() { return _isOnline; }
  4. melron

    Multisell error

    what you got there? L2MerchantInstance.java:192 also try to change the xml with a lower value for example 90005
  5. melron

    Multisell error

    Post your npc instance and the bypass of the button from the html
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