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  1. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_alter.asp Alter table 🙂
  2. You are right. We did a mistake ! So after some time and community feedback we have decided to do some changes. Project will become open source again as it has to be. This is what we wanted the most. I let you know with more news soon.
  3. Well ok , but when the project was full open source, no one helped.... And lot of people were taking the code, to open server and we won nothing about it, not even a thank you.... I'm for the full open source community project, maybe we did a mistake here
  4. If you contribute, u can have access to source so... there is a return
  5. Hi ! Project is still open source for some part ##How to contribute * You can contribute on this free open source repo https://github.com/L2jOrg/Datapack * You can help the team with some code * You can donate ##Bugs fixs * You can post issues here: https://github.com/JoeAlisson/L2jOrg/issues
  6. Hello ! Based on L2JORG, we created a new server classic kamael Dawn of Heroes. Currently the server is in alpha test, soon beta test. We try to respect retail. And avoid mass donation... Come and discuss the project, rates etc on discord ! Features Low/ Mid rates Full implementation of AI (varkas, ketra, alligator, mirrors, giant cave) Full instances Working New olympiad System New siege UI Custom community board Auction House Lcoin shop Vip system Ranking system Regards
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