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    MobSkillAnimgrp.dat + L2FileEditor
  2. No source code for "custom" package, only compiled class
  3. Ok guys, here is latest news. After a long time I found some free times to play with these files First disclaimer - i know nothing about UE4 and C++, so I can be wrong. We do not need "upgrade" project from 4.12 to 4.2x Original base project was created with UE4 creator, probably with BluePrint base, and then the C++ code added. Or vice versa - doesen't matter. AFAIK only custom C++ code is fragment with Camera, shoud by easely copied/adapted to the new VC++. If You want work as map creator not as server/game developer don't bother with the C++ code - BluePrints system is your f
  4. Delete old inactive branches, leave only 2 - master and development, move repo to private, NCS can block project in any moment. Access only for active users. You are walking in old l2jserver shoes - chasing new parts of L2, leaving important featrures behind - spawn manager, zones, movement system, geoengine, etc.. Lack support of tools like l2edit, xdateditor. I can be fun for You, but can't attract ppl. Focus only on the one part of L2. To this time even Interlude features are not 100% fully impemented in emulators, after 14 years. IMO road to nowhere. Mr Cranberry
  5. geodata files? Ok L2D. Is geoengine from aCis?
  6. A voice of reason and wisdom. aCis need rework of geoengine, movement and new spawn manager - only datapack is strong part of the project
  7. Kamael? Essence? Auto bot? It is still the Lineage 2? Really? Who need emulator of crappiest part of L2?
  8. Probably it is git diff, not eclipse https://git-scm.com/docs/git-diff
  9. Project is runnable can be opened - UE4.12 + VS2015 update 3 (not VS2017) - some warnings. I can't understans last sentence? AFAIK they are doing Interlude UE4. No new elements. You need very powerfull machine to work with maps. You should have extensive experience with the engine UE4. And know how the game system works. And what next? Client is not only objects on map, buildings, trees, grass, textures... Game client needs communicate with server, wirite data, read data.... It not so easy.
  10. It doesn't matter. The point is a map editor and server based on the old Interlude. NCSoft works on a modified UE4 engine. You will not be able to edit the map and the game is unknown. Mainline Lineage 2 and Classic Kamael is a pure crapp.
  11. Making of new (upgraded) content is a very hard work. LU4 have few persons in team and they have been working for several years. IMO only 1/4(or less) of content are made to this time. I saw first version from 2016 - look closely at interface and character textures: and that's how it looks today (2019): Hard work of LU4 team. 5 years. It's bad that the team didn't open the project. In my free time I will try to look at this - I'm not C++ developer, but will try to run it. If I fix something, I'll let you know here. And to 4.24, some new n
  12. Try to setup files and start engine first. You can download UE4 v4.12( I think your 2.12 is typed by mistake) from Epic Launcher (You can download every version 4.x). VS 2017 and net sdk from Microsoft as well. No one yet knows if these files are usable and will be able to run. It can be old version of files from project called LU4
  13. Não, não, não e NÃO !. NCSoft matou este jogo há muito tempo Mas de qualquer maneira obrigado pela informação. No, no, no and NO!. NCSoft killed this game a long time ago But thank You anyway for the information.
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