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  1. No need register. SVN is available on my forum without any post/register. You can always use our free revision without to purchase membership. But yes, to get the latest revision you should get the membership..
  2. L2JNetwork Free Project Files You can build your pvp server now. I started working with this project months now. It's based on aCis latest rev. [366] We do not support custom items. Do not ask me for "balance". You should work on it for "balance". (As always) You're the only one who can make your own balance based on your items/skills if is customs. Good luck! Bellow you will find the free revision(11). Free revision contains acis rev 350 and not 366 like our latest updates. Our free revision do not promise you ready files for live server.. But you can build your server as you can. We have a lot of fixes/cleaned files/mods on our latest revision. Please view our changesets for more info about latest updates. FREE Revision(11) SVN + Changesets: http://l2jnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/46-free-project-files/
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