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  1. Thank you so much for shining on me, i really didn't know about these details.
  2. So.. i copy your weapongrp but when try enchant shining bow to +4 or +7 ... color like +17 from 0 to 17... Help?
  3. So far so good. I hope I don't become impudent but how to make it so that when you enchant it for example from +4 it +16 gradually the purple color becomes brighter.
  4. Very very good but size is big problem 😕
  5. Hi guys, i also have the following question on the subject. So i add a titanium set to my server and copy skill from draconic set, make new skill with new id and i put on my new TIT set. <skill id = "3555" levels = "1" name = "Draconic Light Armor Set"> <set name = "target" val = "TARGET_SELF" /> <set name = "skillType" val = "BUFF" /> < set name = "operateType" val = "OP_PASSIVE" /> <for> <mul order = "0x30" stat = "pAtkSpd" val = "1.04" /> <! - Attack Speed + 4% -> &l
  6. boich00

    Loading Screen

    Hello all, i have a quest how i can change loading screen from 1024 to 1920 full HQ?
  7. boich00

    Loading Screen

    Hello everyone i have a quest... i want change size loading screen from 1024 to 1980, how i can?
  8. Very nice html dude, can u send any link to download it? Thx
  9. Go to gameserver/xml/admin_commands_righst and add line <aCar name="admin_spawnPrivateStore" accessLevel="1" /> and all be ok. 😉
  10. Hello, i download and add all last updates, but give this msg in console Ohh sorry i forget to add <aCar name="admin_spawnPrivateStore" accessLevel="1" /> to admin_command xml. All work realy good!
  11. Hello friends. I think there is something wrong here and that is why it does not work for many people. If I do something wrong, please excuse me. If anyone has any idea what it is and how to fix it, to make these great NPCs work would be great.
  12. Hello everyone, does anyone know what's going on? With first html too don't work. _________________________________________________________ https://streamable.com/eo9jut
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