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  1. !!! L2WyvernWars!!! Brand new Lineage 2 private server with lot's of Modifications. We are already open!!! Website top.L2jBrasil Facebook Rates : XP - 45x SP- 45x Modifications : Custom ClanHalls (Kill RB for ClanHall) Castle Seages with Guards Auto Event (High Rate Event + more in later game) Custom Armors (Apella) Custom Weapons (Gold Retail, Halisha LF ect..) Custom Juvels (Gold Retail, Naga,Ipos ect..) Custom NPC (Gold Retail) Custom Raid Bosses (Gold Retail + Added new ones) Custom Buffers (AIO+ Scheme) Custom Zones ( Elven Fortess, Elven Ruins, GC and many more) Custom Remaked Coliseum ( Like Original Gold ) Other Stuff : Remaked Geodata Remaked and Balanced all skills Remaked and Balanced all classes And many more...
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