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  1. dont use armorgrp itemname only interface files needed.
  2. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lJ5Xi2CV_0nZgSPPflrKCUqNChBDhI_Y/view Credits: Moonokini
  3. Download u can from here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lJ5Xi2CV_0nZgSPPflrKCUqNChBDhI_Y/view @Kelvin already made a thread with it.
  4. this interface is free and shared
  5. Celestine


    auto shot will not work on interlude without custom dll or by serverside it's usseles adding auto shot on a clean interface it will be bugged.
  6. who ever managed to make this version he had issues creating auto shot function to work properly..
  7. Boa tarde amigos!!! Bem, depois de muita pesquisa, encontrei vários códigos na internet, peguei-os ao meu gosto e criei esta interface, Peguei o interface.ue interface.xdat do sistema original e implementei os códigos que gosto ... Eu também fiz um skill.grp completo .... - >> Porque eu não jogo ou mesmo mexo mais com Lineage 2, deixo meu trabalho de lembrança para você. Um abraço e talvez até um abraço. Créditos: Códigos: Sanyol (diz que os códigos são dele, onde achei que não havia créditos, mas vou colocá-los aqui). Montagem da Interface e Animações e skill.grp: WELLINTON SOU
  8. Attention: to all l2jbrasil users do not trust this person i've did for him the job and the value was totally cheap he started saying that hes problem with his debit card etc after that he simply dissapeared i dont have problem but i dont like such people when they say you something and then they dont keep their own word anyways i'll may share the work i've done for this person for l2jbr members 🙂 any moderator can lock the topic Cheers.
  9. arent you selling this template on maxcheaters community or im wrong? 😄
  10. Already working on this just waiting his reply to send me files and change what he ask for.
  11. Offering Protection for server files any file very cheap who ever wants to protect his files

    you can pm me on forum

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