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  1. Website: Home - L2EverLife >XP : x6 . SP : x7 >Coin's of Luck is the additional currency in game. They can be obtained through Events, Voting and Donation.. >You can stop gain experience. Just use the command in the game .xpoff. To returning gain experience use command .xpon. >Duration of (Buffs/Dances/Song - 60 minutes) and Class Master to change profession. Skills should be obtain by the class trainers. >Everlife Shop is available where we can buy Soulshots, mana pots and many other interesting things. We'll find Mammon there too >The type can be up to 3 Subclasses. >Max enchant with regular scrolls and blessed is +16(from 0 to 3 - 100%, from 3-16 -60%) and Crystal Scrolls is available (from 0 to 3 - 100%, from 3 to 16 - 85%). >Automatic event: TVT(8:00,14:00,19:00,2:00), CTF(21:00) and DM(10:30,23:30). >The amount of seats in the backpack and werehouse has been increased: 130 for all, 150 for dwarves and 300 for the clan. >Increase in the number of blacksmith's places for prescription to 300. >The duration of summoners and cubes changed to 4 hours. >Weight limit has been significantly increased. >Rebirth is the ability to get an additional skill for resetting characters from 80 to 40 lv. (p.def , Mdef , M/P atack) >Dualbox is allowed. We are already running for 6 months ! Stable community Newbie Bonuses , Weekend Bonuses and more , Join us Now !
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