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  1. a dialog box with yes or not appears and i click yes
  2. anyone know why event start but not teleport you inside event?
  3. What pack is this? https://ibb.co/NFfKCJm
  4. @MeGaPacKl please check your pm fro me
  5. How to add register event dialog request? When event start registration i want all players to recive a dialog request to accept or refuse event join every 1 minute How to?
  6. Are you 100% sure they stuck because of the geodata and pathnode files? Because i have i guess is the geoengine and not this. Can you come to private and speak with me for few minutes?
  7. L2jfrozen monsters and raids stuck in wall and players kill them. Know any fix? Players can stuck monsters and raids in objects like trees or walls and after they kill solo. Is there any solution for this?
  8. who need source of this project, I will decompile and post here
  9. is there any l2fileedit for l2ini for 306 protocol or any way to change system IP?
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