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    Hwid Limit

    And this is the reason that i have made the post, i'm not familiar with client edits, that's why i asked for help.
  2. Crappyuser

    Hwid Limit

    All of them require monthly license + they don't protect you at all.
  3. Crappyuser

    Hwid Limit

    Is there any way to limit hwid logins in c4?
  4. Crappyuser

    Gracia Final

    im aware of l2 off, i was searching for an l2j one, i should mention
  5. Crappyuser

    Gracia Final

    Is there any recent project free/paid that is emulating gracia final?
  6. Lineage II Noble Interlude PvP Server Grand Opening is taking place on May 08, 18:00 GMT+2 Rates Exp: 1000x SP: 1000x Adena: 1000x Party Exp: 2x Party SP: 2x Drop/Quest 1-10x Enchant Safe: +4 Max Weapons: +15 Max Armors/Jewels: +12 Crystal Max Weapons: +20 Crystal Max Armors/Jewels: +15 Normal Rate: 77% Blessed Rate: 88% Crystal Rate: 100% General Buff time: 2 Hours Buff slots: 36+4 Auto Learn Skills Start level 80 Subclass start leve
  7. Hello guys, don't know if i'm allowed to speak English but let me know. Nevermind, i have translated this ACP in english, working pretty fine for acis still(2020). The only problem is the paypal donate system. I donate 5 euros for example using a sandbox account and no credits appear in my account. If someone helps me deal with this problem i'm gonna share the english version completed.
  8. And your answer is a website with a dead link?
  9. Is there any way to disable pagseguro and make website load only with paypal configs?
  10. Rates Exp: 200x SP: 200x Adena: 200x Party Exp: 1.2x Party SP: 1.2x Spoil: 1x Drop: 2x Quest: 2x Enchant Safe Enchant: +3(4 for full armor) Max Enchant: +16 Max for Armor/Jewels: +12 Enchant Rate: 75% Blessed Rate: 85% Crystal Rate: 100% General Buff time: 2 hours Buff slots: 32+4 Skills: Auto Learn Offline Trade/Craft System (players get disconnected after finishing) No subclass quest Killing barakiel grants you Noblesse Status Weekly Olympi
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