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  1. Server GrandOpening 12/1/19 Time 18:00 GMT+2 WELCOME TO Hydra Project [ FEATURES OF Hydra x5000 ] Main Town : GIRAN TOWN Buff Slots : 35 Raid Boss SYTEM : [There are new boss system ingame > ON GK you can find #OPTION# {Current Boss ONLINE}] More Information Read on RAID BOSS INFOS Olympiad 100% Retail Official Geodata Max Subclasses = 3 Max Subclass level = 80 All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE + 1 PASSIVE) ROTATE PvP System [.Pvpnow] ROTATE Farm Zone System [.FarmZone] ROTATE Party Zone System [.PartyZone] ROTATE Boss Zone System [.BossZone] Custom Armor Apella Armor. Custom Weapon Vesper Gold Custom Wing Vesper Gold Olympiad Playing TIME : [18:00 ~ 00:00 GMT+2] Every Day Olympiad Period - 1 week. New Olympiad feed protection added. New heroes appears on every 7 Days {(Sunday 12:00 AM (GMT+2)}. Maximum enchant in olympiad: +6 For armor/jewels , +6 For weapon. Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 seconds.So you don't need rebuff. Custom Start Location / Teleportation on Main TOWN Custom Farm Zone - Party Zone - PvP Area - Boss Zone Killing Spree System which announcements the current status of your pvping. Shout Chat With 100 Pvp Trade Chat with 50 Pvp Teleport Protection Flagged players can't teleport creating more pvp action. PvP Assist system for all support class. Clan Leader With Clan LvL 8 Has Color Title. Double Click on adenas for exchange. Daily Pvp Mod Every day at 00:00 GMT+2 the daily pvp ends, if you are first on the top list of daily pvp you will receive a special gift. Pvp Lord System Crown Anti-Buff Skill Blocks any kind of buff. PVP Color's on Title/Name : (Name by PvP , Title By PK) Private source files in Java platform but turned on PTS reworked. Exp : 5000x SP : 5000X Karma : x15 Adenas : x1000 Safe Enchant : +4 Max Enchant : +15 Armors, Jewels Max Enchant : +18 Weapon Enchant with Blessed Scrolls up to (Armor-Jewels) : +12 100% Enchant with Blessed Scrolls up to (Weapon) : +15 100% Enchant with Multi-Grade Scrolls up to (Armor-Jewels) : +15 40% Enchant with Multi-Grade Scrolls up to (Weapon) : +18 45% - Top Life Stones Rate : 15% - High Life Stones Rate : 10% - Mid Life Stones Rate : 5% This economy system are based on all of our items , armors-weapons-jewels - we have only this with very easy farm and its something different on the basic economy of the typical PvP Servers that comes around. We wish to get understood on the explaintion for more informations join in the game for get instant view. Name : Hydra Coin : Dropable from farm zones. Name : Hydra Adena : Dropable from PvP Zones. Name : Hydra Raid Token : Dropable from Boss Zone. Name : Vote Coin: Obtainable from Votes. Name : Nobless Papyrus : Buyable from Deganity Raid Token Shop. Name : PvP Item : Obtainable from PvPs/Pks. Name : LifeStones LvL 76 : Dropable/Obtainable [Party Zone Mobs / Shop]. Name : Hydra Tattoo : Buyable from Advanced Shop Marketer. Name : Event Coin : Obtainable from Events. Name : Rec Item : Dropable/Buyable from [Party Zone Mobs / Shop]. Name : Daily Event Buff : Obtainable from Daily PvP Lord Event.[+2% MDEF/PDEF] Name : Heroic Item : Dropable from Heroic Boss Only. Name : Mana Potion & CP Pots Left click Automatically Used After Some % (Not Infinity) Name : Infinity Soulshot/Spirishot Not Require's Buying Everytime Same Goes For Arrow's Name : Hero Crown 5% HP/CP (Not allowed in oly) : Obtainable only from Olympiad. Name : PvP Lord Crown 5% CP/MP/HP (Not allowed in oly) : Obtainable only from PvP Lord Event. Name : Multi-Grade Scrolls : Dropable from Party Zone / Buyable from Hydra Raid Token Shop. [ FARM EXPLAINATION ] Our farm system start ON Safe Zone , after of your safty playing and your collection of the typical items you can visit our Farm Zones which inside u can farm with your own risk on different zones (Current Farm Zone) , for example the main zone will be changed every 3 hours. After you can visit the Party Zone Area which we have writed below what's the drops. About bosses its a new system implemented in game which you never use it before in other servers , you will get fully explaination on raid boss infos (.Bosszone) NOTICE : For not boring on farm zones/boss zone/party zone we create this system with rotation which can provide u more interested on farming/pvping with your mates , you will see it on your gameplay. Our system of RB's its a new idea which we have implemented into this world. For example there are not main bosses into map for teleport on them exist a command or gk teleport for find them. For going on [Current Raid Boss spawn you need to push ingame .bosszone > or from GK TP > Current Boss Online < ] Every 1 Hour spawned in the map the below bosses with 2 spawns each other [1 HARD BOSS , 1 EASY BOSS] , the locations are random if you push the command twice u can spawned into the other spawn from your current location. Hard Bosses DROP THE FULL DROPS | EASY Bosses DROP THE HALF DROPS [ EPIC BOSSES ] [Name : Valakas ] DROPS : 300 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Antharas ] DROPS : 300 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Baium ] DROPS : 250 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Queen Ant] DROPS : 250 Raid Token [100%] [ HEROIC BOSSES ] [Name : Heroic Sailren] DROPS : 50 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Heroic Ember] DROPS : 60 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Heroic Queen Shyeed] DROPS : 70 Raid Token [100%] [ SPECIAL BOSSES ] [Name : Skywrath ] DROPS : 30 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Yakazeurys ] DROPS : 50 Raid Token [100%] [Name : Ikarian ] DROPS : 70 Raid Token [100%] Top Pvp Top PK Castle Lord Heroes Hero Donate Top Daily PvP Killer PvP Lord Current Farm Zone Change Current Party Zone Change Current Boss [Epic , Heroic , Special] Current PvP Zones [Mass, Solo] Killing Spree System TVT/CTF/DM Gatekeeper Raid Boss Manager Main Shop Advanced Shop Buffer Vote MANAGER Top Manager Siege Informer Clan Manager Nobless Manager Class Manager Server Informer Donate Manager Casino Manager PK Guard Augment Manager Augment Shop SubClass Manager Sympol Maker Wedding Manager WebSite: www.L2Hydra.eu
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