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  1. Revision 726 - NPC Walk Speed is editable now. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added support for Wendy the Cat in HeavyMedal event. Thanks LupenPowa. - Fixed auto-target issues during AI transformation. Thanks Karakan. - Configuration 'SevenSignsDungeonNPCAccess' will now work with Seven Signs bosses. - Updated old dual-box check to check the number of clients per IP. Thanks Karakan. - Removed few useless configurations. - Renamed 'CheckKnown' configuration to 'DebugKnownList'. - Fixed Quick Healing Potion power issues. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added abnormal effect for Hot Springs diseases. Thanks LupenPowa and Karakan. - Added new effect 'Continuous'. This is the perfect choice for toggles like anti-buff shield or Super Haste (already used by the latter). - Upon gameserver linux startup, gameserver will now use L2J logging class. - Added new value range for exp and sp NPC columns. - Fixed collision height for 'Monster.silhouette' NPC template. Thanks Karakan. - Summons won't stop following their masters if distance gets too long. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added new AI Event for immobilized characters. - Immobility effects will now properly apply to pets. Thanks LupenPowa. - Dead servitors cannot be unsummoned. Thanks LupenPowa. - Fixed Siege Guard knownlist issue. Thanks Karakan. - Removed previous support for custom zone spawns, since it was buggy. - Improved certain L2Character stop effect(s) methods. - Added extra messages for admin_mammon_find command. - Added new admin_reset_skill_cooltimes command. It's currently applying to GMs only. Thanks LupenPowa. - Fixed admin_spawn_index and admin_npc_index commands not working in Admin Panel. Thanks Christian-SDM. - Small organization in ScrollOfResurrection handler. - Exp will be given to players even if they killed a monster by merely dealing 1 damage. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added integer overflow checks for calculating experience rewards. - Added forget support for move-based knownlist. - Players don't need to force cast resurrect-type skills even if target is flagged. Thanks LupenPowa. - Players don't get flagged if they cast resurrect-type skills on a dead flagged target. - Improved death penalty condition checks. - Resurrect-type skills will now be casted in siege if caster is a siege participant. - Fixed small skill bar issue. - Added more checks to seven signs NPCs to prevent inappropriate interaction. Thanks LupenPowa. - Armor Mastery bonuses will only apply if player wears both chest and legs. Thanks LupenPowa and Karakan. - Added a starting adena check in case admin sets a bad value. - Reworked siege flags system. Also, fixed a siege flag error. Thanks RazvanGG. - Fixed player siege relations (icons) not getting updated when a clan engraves a castle's holy artifact (mid-victory). Thanks RazvanGG. - Fixed attacker and defender clans errors. Thanks RazvanGG. - Improved ShutDown and Restart tasks.
  2. Issue was located and will be fixed at next commit. Thanks a lot for pointing out! Welcome back Saymon! Today's update was delayed due to my computer's disk damage. I lost lots of changes regarding project but this didn't break my spirit and moved forward. This is the first set of changes. Revision 725 - Renamed Kernon's Faithful Servant Kelone to Malruk's Witch Sekina (C4 Retail). - Corrected few event cat NPC names to match C4 standards. Thanks LupenPowa. - Antharas will move out of its cave after cinematic event. Thanks Marmok for pointing out the issue. - Fixed 'Will the Seal be Broken' quest errors. Thanks Karakan. - Steal Essence skill has no element. Thanks Marmok. - By default, Infinity Spear will negate up to 1 effect, in order to avoid imbalance issues. Thanks Karakan. - Corrected Infinity weapons stats. Thanks Karakan. - Anakim and Lilith zones are disabled by default. There is no need for using grand boss zone rules there (for now). - Fixed certain manor seeds not being sellable/dropable/tradeable. Thanks Marmok. - Fixed GrandBossManager issues. Thanks Marmok. - Fixed buggy 'Last Lesser Giant Glaki' spawn. Same goes for admin teleport. Thanks LupenPowa. - Improved Innadril castle holy artifact spawn. - Minor Blazing Swamp spawn improvements. - Damage and Login Attempt logs have now become configurable. Thanks Karakan. - Added correct limits for privates stores slots. Thanks LupenPowa. - Players cannot attempt to pick up items while attacking. Thanks LupenPowa. - Improved Siege guard lag issues. Thanks Karakan and LupenPowa. - Fixed clan large crest issues. Thanks LupenPowa. - From now on, admins can create zones that support spawn locations provided that they extend L2ZoneSpawn. - Fixed minor name issue for potions 'prepared for use' message. Thanks RazvanGG. - NPE prevention in Continuous handler. Thanks LupenPowa. - Possible fix for auto-chat duplicate messages. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added a dirty check to prevent bosses from stucking. Thanks Marmok for testing. - From now on, players will get flagged if casted good magic on flagged summons. Thanks LupenPowa. - Reset ally crest ID on alliance dissolution. Thanks LupenPowa. - Fixed faction NPE in L2Skill. Thanks LupenPowa. - Fixed a skill cast issue that was breaking checkPvpSkill conditions on first cast after login. - Possible fix for boss zone teleport and summon issues. Might also improve reported GrandBossManager issues. Thanks Marmok. - Updated RequestEnchantItem packet in such a way that it supports stackable enchant scrolls without issues. Changing items to stackable and editing client-side is still required. Thanks RazvanGG. - Added missing value to ExPledgeCrestLarge packet. Now, Pledge Shield will be updated on large crest change (update issue during login will still persist). Thanks LupenPowa. - Fixed large crest add/delete issues. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added GMViewHennaInfo. Admins can now view target hennas. Thanks LupenPowa. - Added proper inventory update for L2SkillCreateItem. - Separating game logs from login logs. - Added force use rules for good magic. For example, a player won't be able to cast head on an unknown flagged target without using CTRL. Thanks LupenPowa.
  3. Revision 724 - Added retail Siege messages. Thanks confejulian. - Added script for HeavyMedal NPC support. Also, renamed 'Medals' faenor script to 'HeavyMedal'. - Fixed 'Shards of Golem' quest errors. Thanks Karakan. - Corrected 'Trader Shari' name references in HTML files. Thanks Karakan. - Added clanLeader, siegeAttacker, and siegeDefender states for player item/skill condition. - From now on, skills can have more than 1 condition. For reference, check skill 246. - Cleanup for few siege skill checks. They'll use new conditions now. - Castle holy artifacts will always be spawned by default. - Fixed bad Z spawn coord for raid boss 'Skyla'. Thanks confejulian. - 'SiegeLength' parameter will now accept hours instead of minutes. - Removed CastleManorUpdater class since it's never used. - Fixed a serious siege guard AI problem that allowed healers to help faction and attack at the same time (attack was breaking cast animation but skill was still casted). - Improved stopAITask for siege guards. This might help get rid of NPE errors. - Reworked equipment for two-handed weapons. This also fixes duplicated sound problems for two-handed weapons. Thanks confejulian. - Small improvements for 'admin_para' commands. - Admin Enchant menu won't unequip and equip item during enchantment. Thanks confejulian. - Improved inventory update during item enchantment. - Removed 'clearDebugItems' method that was cleaning up debugging-adena on certain zones, as it wasn't fully effective. - Fixed a fishing bug which caused all lures to be consumed. Thanks CaHTeXHuK. - From now on, server will clean up grandboss_list table data on startup. Thanks Marmock. - Cleanup of unnecessary try-catch blocks in L2Clan. - Fixed GMViewSkillInfo window being broken. Thanks confejulian. - Faenor parser has now become friendlier. This allows admins to add comments at the beginning of their scripts. - Fixed a really serious memory leak in AutoAnnounceTaskManager. - From now on, it is possible to set infinite repeat for auto-announcements by setting 'cycle' column to -1. - In the case of raid curse, if attacker is a summon then raid boss will compare itself with the highest level among owner and summon. This fixes an issue reported by confejulian, thanks a lot. - Upon mount and dismount, attack and cast will now get cancelled. - Added checks for admin commands that start and end siege to prevent issues.
  4. Hello. I hope this is the right section for this question. I have a friend from Argentina who looks for a good VPS hosting company to host his L2J server. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Issue was fixed in revision 722. It was a serious mistake in revision 720. Thanks a lot for reporting, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 🙂
  6. This is a bug related to your own patch and has nothing to do with server. Also, I suggest that you use project forums for reporting problems. BR, DnR
  7. POST EDITED. Not a bug. This is how client handles item shortcuts in macros when flood protection is active. Servers like L2OFF Elite have a flood protection too, and that's why only first item is equipped even there. You see, macro executes UseItem packet multiple times simultaneously and this is considered server flood. I'll check if there is a middle solution, but I think it's safer this way. If you set UseItem flood protection to zero, it's going to work but your server will be open to flaws. Reference: https://www.l2jserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30799
  8. There are 4 different spawns for Orfen. She usually spawns to 1 of 3 using a Random algorithm. She teleports to 4th one at 50% of remaining HP. private static final int[][] POS = { { 43728, 17220, -4342 }, { 55024, 17368, -5412 }, { 53504, 21248, -5486 }, { 53248, 24576, -5262 } }; For questions, I suggest that you also ask help in our forums or discord channel. There, you can find more people and discuss about ingame issues. BR, DnR
  9. This is a non-stackable effect - related issue caused by original L2J Character Effect List queue, which removes old effect later than new effect resulting in 2 consumed slots instead of 1. The reason this occured in Lisvus is because we are using a different slot count algorithm in order to allow admins set maximum buff and maximum debuff slots separately. Client buff window limit requires smart solutions. 🙂 For the time being, we have used a dirty way to solve this in revision 715. I believe it will be properly solved in 716. Thank you very much for reporting.
  10. I request a moderator to clean all unecessary fighting posts from the last few days since it was a misunderstanding, if possible. Thanks. Also: We have began rewritting our scripts into java. Of course, any contribution is appreciated. BR, DnR
  11. Judging from this answer, I see you don't understand a single word of what I said. I never called you a lier and I never said this feature is not retail. You misinterpret my answers all the time, but unfortunately I can't speak Portuguese to make this clear to you so this discussion can't go on. Good luck.
  12. You still don't get it. I have eyes and can see what you reproduce in this video. Let me state once more what the problem is here: You have been posting for some time now that this system does not exist in project and you were wrong but still don't admit it. Your first false claim was that skill issue in your friend's server (or maybe yours?), now it was missing private store buy enchanted items system. These false claims give bad name to project and waste my limited time on needless tests. Thank you for your bug reports which as a matter of fact, you would never confirm since you believed system is missing. I'll fix them as soon as possible just like I always do, but I don't think I can fix my opinion for this attitude right away.
  13. You already mentioned the first issue earlier, and as I stated in one of my previous posts I'll check it so stop repeating yourself needlessly. About the second one which is a visual bug, it's a missing check that must prevent selling equipped items in private store. These minor issues don't make the system incomplete. You should just take responsibility of being totally wrong when you said this feature is missing, just like I'll take responsibility to fix these issues. BR, DnR
  14. And I posted you a screenshot that there is. I don't get your point.
  15. We have added support for this since revision 677 and tbh I implemented this in my local sources since 2018 (which was the year I abandoned work on project). Not sure what kind of sources you tested, but if you are using latest version and have issues buying enchanted items, just let me know. About the equipped item thing, I'm gonna check it. And no, I'm not planning to add any voting system. There've been lots of shares in couple of forums regarding this and many other customs for years now. I believe admins should work harder to get their servers started, and nobody should deprive them of that enthusiasm. Through work, one becomes experienced in what to do when facing real dangers in a live server, and avoid causing inconvenience to players.
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