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  1. Are you still around? You did a really good job with the Baium thing. Hope we see more things from you.
  2. This is really helpful for people who do not comprehend the fundamentals of zone system. Nice tutorial.
  3. ~DnR~

    [HTML] Lineage 2

    A really nice website!
  4. Is this project based on aCis?
  5. How about testing mobius branch? https://bitbucket.org/MobiusDev/l2j_mobius/src/master/L2J_Mobius_C1_HarbingersOfWar/
  6. Since there were people who complained about it, we have started a poll about whether we should head back to SVN repository. For more details: http://l2jlisvus.forumotion.com/t1485-reuse-of-svn-repository
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Feliz natal todos! Best wishes!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm sorry for composing an English post in a Brazilian community, but that is the easiest way for me to talk. First of all, I want to thank you, the community of l2jbrasil for supporting the project for so long. As you all know, project has been up to activity once more since the last commit of 2018. Back then, its activity stopped at revision 599. Project wasn't really stable at that point, but this year I got back and started taking care of the rest of mess. My opinion is that project has reached a very good stage that I wouldn't dream of in 2011 when I started working on l2jserver sources with a very small experience. About inactivities, there will always be some. We are grownups now and there are so many responsibilities around, at least for me. Now, let me point out that we moved to running L2JLisvus server using Java 11. In general, it went good. Also, project was moved to GitLab for all of us to have better experience and usage. I personally got rid of GitHub and made use of GitLab at work since early 2018, and I'm really fine with it. GitLab repository: https://gitlab.com/_DnR_/l2jlisvus Old SVN repository will still be online for legacy reasons (since there are no charges), but no further development will be done on it. That's all from me. Once more, I want to thank you all, but especially thank all those people who have greatly helped project with their contributions and reports all these years. Best regards, DnR
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    • Alesson Santana  »  Christian-SDM

      Cara gostaria muito de falar ctg! Se possivel passa teu Whatsapp...
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    • gimovsk  »  vert

      Bom dia Amigo
      a tempos não jogo l2 h5, ai no topico de pedidos, pedi uma indicação de release h5, me indicaram a sua, e terminei de ler os comentários hoje, me parece ser a melhor de h5, vi que parece que parou os reports la dos possiveis bugs, e não da pra comentar mais, mas não vem ao caso
      tenho uma vps boa parada com 8 meses pra usar ainda,  essa sua rev com 3gb de ram configurado, suporta qnts players ?
      ou se vc tiver sem vps para continuar os testes, eu tenho uma e posso conseguir outra !
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    • DeiversonDeveloP  »  Rita Corlleone

      Olá bom dia, como vc estalou esse mysql, tem opção de develop e tem opção de server, eu estalei a 1 em todas, mais ai estalou todas função de mysql, agora tem outra quando eu abro o navicat, MySQL: V 
      Instalar para server

      Navicat V 
      Versão Premium, com as serials. eu usei essse navicat ai que sugiriu mais ai ele n aceita esse mysql, da não compatível como vou estalar os banco de dados, será que eu tem que fazer alguma coisa nesse mysql?
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