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  1. Lineage2.ID We will release new Lineage 2 Server with Homunculus Patch Estimated Beta : 04/09/2020 Estimated Live : 10/09/2020 XP/SP - X1000/x100 ADENA - X100 Free to Play Server.. All Interface/Class/Skills Works with Almost No Bug.. No Pay to Win. Main Currency : Only Adena.. Stable Long Term Game Play!.. Easy Guide for Player in Discord Farmzone/Item Etc.. GM Shop Till Khrisna Supreme with Upgrade System with Friendly Interface.. All Item, Epic Jewel, Talisman, Cloack, Even Artifact and etc all in GM Shop with Adenas.. Heroes every 1 Month.. Sieges every weekend.. Every Class Already have self Buff.. Balance Class, No One Shoot Death.. No Dragon Weapon, Maks Weapon Supreme Khrisna with Open Limit more than 150k+ HP.. Max Windows Tab 3.. Anti-Bot Protection system.. Fully working Raid Bosses / Grand Bosses with Custom Drop..
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