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  1. 05/17/2020 - For people who have integrated the voting system, I have made some arrangements to the voting system, it is currently working correctly and stable, the changes are already applied to the sources. http://www.mediafire.com/file/g6kag6pg5zu342h/patch_with_some_fiexes.txt/file I'll make in this days.
  2. Update for L2JMobius Interlude https://pastebin.com/1HAX4UbN
  3. Update for l2jmobius Interlude classic https://pastebin.com/rJcPsbD4
  4. I have created a code to reward for voting on several well-known sites. If someone has difficulty adding this code to their package, they can write to me at my discord https://discord.com/invite/VbnZbWR I will adapt for some popular open source package. I've included sites like l2jbrasil, hopzone, topzone and others, I would like to hear suggestions about the distributions that are most used in this great community so that I can adapt and share them. You can see the code in the following link: aCis: https://pastebin.com/1Wq6GZPs L2JServer H5: https://pa
  5. Json api works correctly?, I'm creating a voting system and I include l2jbrasil but I don't know if this api really works, I put the parameters in username = the user with whom I register the server and in ip = the ip of the user with whom I perform the voting but it returns the default response "{" vote ": {" id ": {}," site_id ":" 0 "," ip ":" "," date ":" 0 "," status ":" 0 "," server_time ":" 2020-05-02 06:04:29 "," hours_since_vote ":" - 1 "}}", am I doing something wrong?
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