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  1. WELCOME TO THE DEATHLAND H5 SERVER PVP 9999X GRAND OPENING 2021.5.15 18:00 gmt+2 RATES: XP 9999x SP 9999x Adena 100x DROP/QUEST 100x Enchant safe +7 MAX +30 56/65% crystal in shop 100% spoil chance 100x, ammount 100x Custom NPC: buffer, gmshops, teleports, siege, symbol maker, raidboss teleporter etc... Events: CTF,TVT,FIGHT CLUB,HITMAN,KOREAN STYLE,LAST HERO,RAID EVENT,VICTORINA Other events: Enchant event, April fools event, Fall harvest event, group vs group event, L2day event, PC cafe points event (santa and march8 events will start on next year) Commands: .cont
  2. welcome to, http://top.l2jbrasil.com/index.php?a=stats&u=EDMO h5 mid rate server JUST OPENED!!!
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