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  1. This is not are error. Just showing you highest item id. Everything it's ok.
  2. Get error after 2 days online server, just shutdown gameserver any help? 😄 Apr 29, 2020 9:59:44 PM net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets.L2GameClientPacket read SEVERE: Client: [IP:] - Failed reading: [C] ProtocolVersion ; java.nio.BufferUnd$ java.nio.BufferUnderflowException at java.base/java.nio.Buffer.nextGetIndex(Buffer.java:647) at java.base/java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.getInt(HeapByteBuffer.java:388) at net.sf.l2j.commons.mmocore.ReceivablePacket.readD(ReceivablePacket.java:45) at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets.ProtocolVersion.readImpl(ProtocolVersion.$ at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets.L2GameClientPacket.read(L2GameClientPacke$ at net.sf.l2j.commons.mmocore.SelectorThread.parseClientPacket(SelectorThread.java:430) at net.sf.l2j.commons.mmocore.SelectorThread.tryReadPacket(SelectorThread.java:367) at net.sf.l2j.commons.mmocore.SelectorThread.readPacket(SelectorThread.java:300) at net.sf.l2j.commons.mmocore.SelectorThread.run(SelectorThread.java:172)
  3. Hello anyone maybe have, Exchange skill Adena to Gold Bar for acis? Searched in this forum, but didn't found working.
  4. This bug was in java, if touched all skills xml it could attack normal but your all items stats going crazy. 😄 Now it working perfectly.
  5. He is already fixing this bug.
  6. Anyway found another bug in updated pack then you with no buffs get around 500-800demage from silent_brother, but still can't hit him, if you in full buffs get 32k and more demage. No gs errors nothing, im thinking something bad with skills. Just downloaded pack no changes, nothing just ip server working with no errrors
  7. I didn't do anything in java just downloaded latest pack, no gs errors
  8. Got some bad bug, cant hit any demage after using spellhowler skill surrender to wind in alot of mobs. https://ibb.co/mtw3qL8 https://ibb.co/6B9RTYm https://ibb.co/0F1YR5D and another class necromancer cant hit any spell in this mob.
  9. ok i already added classbalance.
  10. got some issues why not can't full build source files https://ibb.co/4TdRRLr https://ibb.co/D7K3zwr
  11. Just put correct ip in your loginserver properties, if not working check your database name, and mysql user and password # =================================================== ============ # Loginserver # ===================================== ========================== # This is transmitted to the clients, so it has to be an IP or resolvable hostname Hostname = # Bind ip of the LoginServer, use * to bind on all available IPs LoginserverHostname = LoginserverPort = 2106 # The Loginserver host and port. LoginHostname = LoginPort = 9014
  12. Download geodata or turn off in configs
  13. I It's ok i get it now 😄 Maybe can tell me where to find change mobs spawn time? Thanks.
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