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  1. hello mate way you don't send the fixes that you make for this modius pack.!!!! with all of us and we can start to use it and test this server pack :).
  2. gr: einai efkolo na addaris to auto Potion mode sto L2Jfrozen exoun kani polla share edw se afto to forum parepiptontos sto maxcheaters exoun kani kai to fix geia na exis stuck ta LS , KAI TA Boggs
  3. gr: nai trele mou min anxonese 8a perasi afto to pragma pou 8a paei elpizw na sou aresi to pack. 8eli mazematakia ala kani tin doulitsa tou 🙂. en: yeap wee need to wait this covid to be vanished.
  4. GR: Agorina mou kalispera den eimai ellada akoma logo COVID . EN: Hello there i am not in grecce reason of covid. When i gonna have my, main pc i gonna share the surces of my server. 🙂 is a promise!!
  5. do you edit the IP. to to your system bro? with FileEdit.
  6. nice nice keep up guys you can also make a special gk with Online & Offline Grand Boss & Raids & players inside on the dangerus zone . when is On the bosess auto teleport text apears on gk and you can teleport to the bosess.
  7. ok sorry i don't know way this problem apears to my backoup so i solve this iuse i gona share right now the corect one i hope now everthing will be ok sorry for that people. if any moderator plz can edit this download file to my main post topic thanks. download backoup fuctional 100% download section : DOWNLOAD FIXED BACKOUP 100%
  8. i know mate is hard to make everthing by yourself. but is good to clean up the project and make the special codes like auto pvp zone , auto party events end all to be nice and corected and this project gona be sucsess for pvp servers 🙂 but defently need time .
  9. hello there yes contain surces. but at the moment i can't share them because my main PC is Located on grecce i gona share them when i gona return back to my cuntry cuz at the moment i am at London. 🙂
  10. Hello there mates is my first share to this community and i deside to share my private files. Lot of retail Raids & Grand Boss system 100% worck. balanced like 90% game pvp tested on live server. Lot of unique mods . for the surces of my pack , at the moment isn't aviable reason i have them on my main Pc but is located on grecce , so when i go back i gona share them with our community. have fun with those files. 🙂 Server Files: DOWNLOAD Server Backup: DOWNLOAD Server System: DOWNLOAD In order to rune the server! you
  11. when i try to spawn solo citizen fake player this erorrs apears.! java.lang.ClassCastException: net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.Location cannot be cast to net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.L2CharPosition at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.ai.AbstractAI.setIntention(AbstractAI.java:267) at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.ai.AbstractAI.setIntention(AbstractAI.java:225) at phantom.ai.walker.CitizenAI.backToCityCenter(CitizenAI.java:99) at phantom.ai.walker.CitizenAI.thinkAndAct(CitizenAI.java:39) at phantom.task.AITask.lambda$run$1(AITask.java:26)
  12. keeep up broooo keep up you have done realy nice worck. if you whant any help plz let me know 🙂 Ok One share for farm bot protection.! past those files to gameserver\data\html Files: DOWNLOAD Full Fuctional Geodata & Panthodes Official Like. past those files to gameserver\data Files: DOWNLOAD
  13. can you share the surces of this pack ?
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