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  1. Get shit done : Yeah .. L2-Scripts.com have that weird feature. At some point the script will require a name. Like "Enter the owner of this build:" or something. Just type anything. Like your nickname (if you prefer), or "Admin" or "Owner". Whatever you want. And that will lead you to the next step so the script can continue building. Explanation how this works : Actually, if you take a look inside "build.xml" (this is the file that Ant will use to build your project), you can see this section : <target name="init" depends="clean" description="Create
  2. L2 aCis 382 (Updated) The official public sources of aCis have been updated by Tryskell, for which we are very grateful! Public sources of aCis : https://gitlab.com/Tryskell/acis_public Geodata (L2D new format) : http://www.4shared.com/archive/mxMx_GsGgm/l2d.html Official Website : acis.i-live.eu
  3. L2JHellas Interlude Project L2J-Mobius Interlude aCis - What is it ?
  4. Greetings and salutations, Projects like L2jHellas (that were open source from the beginning), have their own SVN repository and we have no control over that. Meaning that the best course of action will be find their own website/forum/community and join them. As @lineage2MasterGame pointed above, that will be https://l2jhellas.com/, and it seems at this moment they have still not updated their SVN repository to "Revision 563" with the latest fixes. Actually, every project in our second post (that were already open source), have their own SVN repository, so it's a good idea
  5. FULL SVN BACKUP : (just in case) https://mega.nz/file/ahV1UKIQ#004jxgsmXJmELkFH_9JV3a2LYURxefjJml3u7tI4YnA http://www.mediafire.com/file/wt7iw09u4exkz9f/FULL_SVN_BACKUP.zip/file Also we want to share some already open source server packs, in case you didn't know them : Scions of Destiny (C4) - Open Source L2jAdmins (Last Active - 2020-01-26) https://svn.code.sf.net/p/l2jadmins/code/C4 Scions of Destiny/ L2jChronus (Last Active - 2012-09-06) http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/l2jchronus-dp/ http://subversion.assembla.com/svn/l2jchronus-gs/ L2jLisvus (
  6. History : Who are we ? Project SVN : https://svn.code.sf.net/p/l2jopensource/projects/ Content : Here you will find most of the paid and closed source projects for L2 Interlude and H5 with one little twist... They will be open source! So you can freely download them, review the source code, use the source code, change the source code and enforce the four essential freedoms on them without any problems. As it should have been from the beginning of time. That's it. No more, no less. Server Packs Included : I
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