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  1. first you need Local Server for Web Development there is lot of software: wamp, xampp, ampps, ... for me i work with wampserver64 when installation done go to browser and write: http: //localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php now check your default login and password which you can add after in all server files. you have 2 file to edit : go to : L2JDEV_SERVIDOR_LIVE \ login \ config edit: loginserver.ini and go to : L2JDEV_SERVIDOR_LIVE \ game \ config edit: server.ini change what is write in red square to what you have in your sql conexion. don't
  2. Thanks for sharing, downloading for test 😀
  3. i have the same problem with server live, it's come from the bad geodata (essence), i've put the good one and all it's ok
  4. quests work great and give item and xp for level up. i test more and i post ...
  5. Thanks for sharing, downloading for test 😀
  6. thanks for update clan crest work now
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