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  1. Updating unreal editor to start this work. thx very much
  2. Hola a todos. Alguien tiene los archivos completos de animación de este set. Es necesario para corregir el error de los guantes con la Fist
  3. somebody have this bug fixed? when you equip the gloves, the fist lose the centralized position
  4. you are part of this thank you very much 😄
  5. Finally i make it works 🙂 @NevesOma
  6. No i found that net surfing, but are made by SHEV
  7. Well now i'm one step closer... thanks for your assist i will continue testing until get the glow
  8. heres one line i will lear so fast 🙂
  9. i tried everyting and is not working i put the effects lines on weapongrp i paste the efects files and well is not working 😞 did you now any .usk file decrytor.. i want to create the glow by my self
  10. is good man almost perfect. i dont have any efects 😞 i want anyone similar to yours
  11. glow not working 😞 is for interlude??
  12. você tem que procurar por essas linhas no weapongrp lineageweapons.rangesample 2.000000 1.200000 1.200000 9.000000 0.000000 0.000000 e colocar zero 0.00000 a todas Preciso daquele brilho. Tenho a arma antharas, mas com brilho normal, você pode upar sua antharas weapon datapack, por favor?
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