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  1. Maybe someone has the armorgrp for all the missing hats?
  2. Não deveria ter assistência automática? O arquivo xdat tem entradas sobre ele, mas parece não funcionar
  3. Hello, for some reason when trying to vote stuck on this page. Any ideas why?
  4. L2 BattleZone Interlude x12 You can find a link to our website on this l2jbrasil top link and other social groups L2BattleZone is a brand new project rather than another 2-monthly restart, with opportunity for a fresh start! Game focus is Craft/PVP and server is here to stay for long time without wipes planned. We intend to keep the server as much community driven as possible, with votes regarding features and changes. OPEN BETA - 18-25 SEPTEMBER SERVER START - 3 OCTOBER Main features: Rates: XP x12 SP x12 Adena x9 Drop x8
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