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  1. Hello guys i wanted to ask if there is a code to add to acis with stucksubs mode or a stucksubs npc. thanks in advance
  2. Duskorz

    L2jserver PvP 500x

    hahaha rly? I cant reach them , i've sent them about 3-4 emails and nothing for reply came back xd
  3. you have any codes like this?
  4. Duskorz

    L2jserver PvP 500x

    ye i understand... Right now im not so good in java but i want to learn or to have a pack that i can study and make my own projects, in the past i used to opened many project some of those was successfull 200+ 300+ online but after 3-4 days of ddos all ppl left. How i can manage to get a good site and somekind of protections ? do you suggest anyone? I've sent to atualstudios but never replied back to me.
  5. Duskorz

    L2jserver PvP 500x

    no admin ever will tell me the revision xd..
  6. Hello guys , i have seen many servers x300 x500 like l2vikings l2strike, what pack are they using? Can i get the pack? Can i pay to get the pack ?
  7. Hello guys , Has any of you got any good l2jfrozen pack? I want to have a good frozen and i cant find anywhere..
  8. Ohh my god man...I've been waiting for someone to do what you will...I cant add codes and adapt java but i have some cool ideas about frozen..I've also got a custom teleportation - farm system with python that i made..I can give you my ideas if you can make them 🙂
  9. Hello guys , i just wanted to ask if i can make a custom scroll of teleport for some custom zones i want , can i make it with python or it needs java ?
  10. Will you upload a frozen pre ? or is it going to be pay to get it ?
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