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  1. Hi @BAN - L2JDev , really appreciate this project, helped me so much to learn and explore new ways to l2 java, I kind of struggled with HWID to adapt it to my server, I added the script and everything seems to be working when I use your system patch, however when I installed my patch with Classic interface I can't seem to join in game server, it logs in shows server is on but doesn't go further. My guess system can't find HWID code and that's why it doesn't allow people to procced. could you let me know which file in system actually send hwid packet to the server? as I tried .dll and .u files
  2. have you converted Helios icons, or just photoshopped pvp icon on top of interlude icons? want to add it on some custom items hence the question.
  3. I think L2 Epilogue was one of the best chronicles were is. still fast and interesting gameplay, without all the addons from H5 that kind of ruined the game,
  4. so After reading this long topic, I understood that I still don't understand which one is better. lol Personally I think L2off would be better for low/mid rate server due official gameplay quests etc. however if you are interested in any kind of modifications to the gameplay I woul suggest L2J
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