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  1. Boa tarde, alguem que manja de interface sabe me falar o nome destes slots na interface de interlude. Tentei usar os mesmos nomes da classic mas nao equipa. Como podem ver, criei os itens para ocupa-los.
  2. OBT DAY 05/03 20:00 GMT-3 OFICIAL OPEN DAY 12/03 20:00 GMT-3 Wave, We concluded all the systems and subsystems for our new client Classic Improved. This client is a mix of two clients (Interlude + H5 + Classic) and thus we manage to develop a new client called Classic Improved. What is the difference? The interludes servers will survive for a long time and because it is the platform that is more "easy" to play and less complicated for the players and browse to the most used in the world. As isso we stick all to the gameplay of the interlude server (Classes, Races, Quests, Skills, Itens
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