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  1. Server will start 3/28/2021 20:00 GMT +2 update 24/2/2021 : Kamaloka instance , party + solo! RATES: • Start Level 80 • Max level 90 • EXP: 75x • SP: 50x • ADENA 2x Enchant •Maximum enchant +25 (weapons) •Maximum enchant +25 (Armors) Descriptions for rate at scrolls! Enchant For Item Store •Maximum enchant +25 (weapons) •Maximum enchant +25 (Armors) (Imperial , Draconic , Dark crystal) Descriptions for rate at scrolls! Events •TVT (PvP increase at kill 25% reward for losers extra reward for top kill
  2. Hello ladys and gentlemans. Welcome On L2 Prelude server. Expect Many Great Thing's From Pvp Balance and Fair Gameplay With tons of custom event's And daily events from the Gm Team Server up time 99.99% With good Protection and Hosting U can forget about lag Easy Farming up to mid Gear will allow u to PvP Right AWAY!!! Fast support inside the game or in our Discord chanel/fb/Web site We Got bored with all those wannabe Server's epic luna legendery? THIS IS LINEAGE 2 SERVER WILL LAST No more Season 15 Crap Join and play for good No weird and unbalanced features like Ta
  3. The C6 Pride-Like L2Relic will be back on, updated, refreshed and stronger than ever. Official Server Opening on March 28 / 03 / 2021 at 20:00 GMT +2
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