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  1. if (itemId == 1467 || itemId == 1468 || itemId == 1469) { return false; } you can do it this way but its not very good but it doesnt matter because interlude is bad
  2. Armorgrp https://pastebin.com/jQcq9gup Itemname https://pastebin.com/PgwvB0Vh Setitem grp https://pastebin.com/L7uviLxj
  3. man check l2jmobius for compiled
  4. http://puu.sh/CKqtU/f38052c273.rar file edits do not work with these files, and im not sure if this is right section can buy if they need to be custom made- (must show me you know how to make it otherwise im just going to assume you are selling a share need ddfs for classic (protocol 152 7s): SkillName_Classic-eu ElementalSpiritStat_Classic ElementalSpirit_Classic CombinationItemData_Classic CharGrp RaidData_Classic-eu and also this one http://puu.sh/CKtsj/ffd6237bed.dat If i can only pick 2, only CombinationItemData_Classic and RaidData_Classic-eu
  5. lol.......... wasted too much time for you people
  6. Credits (Systextures and Animations) -> I do not know who they are old l2 perseus (aka mine)
  7. i dont think it has that 3 nickname protection especially in the one i uploaded and support option is not included in commercial version
  8. what protection and support settings
  9. move the utx's to systextures if you replaced l2 ini
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/file/bled9rzxneat9fh/SystemBrazil.rar based on clean system and all textures are already included add back the changes you made to your system (grps, messages etc)
  11. upload your system and send it to me
  12. thats literally impossible i will live stream it if you dont believe me http://puu.sh/xvESI/47da335969.utx this is the only change, put it in systexture https://www.twitch.tv/hahawocao
  13. http://puu.sh/xv7Zc/03e2eeb205.dll http://www.mediafire.com/file/lb36gnr40s1f29c/Brazil+Classic+Interface+02.rar if my fix doesnt work how do you explain this lol (on for 6+ hours)
  14. ok then idk i dont really wanna upload my full system but it works fine for me i showed you how to fix it so i guess its up to you now especially since everybody's system is different if you want to upload yours for me i can take a look at it
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