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  1. Rates Experience: 200x. Skill Points: 100x. Quest Rate: 30x. Drop (Adena): 200x. Spoil Drop: 1x Steal Stones: 9x. Enchants Safe Enchant +3. Max. Armor Enchant +12. Max. Weapon Enchant +16. Normal Scroll (45%) - Blessed Scroll (50%). Noblesse Status Quest Retail. Hell Fire sell in GMShop. Barakiel Spawn 4 in 4 hours. Class Manager 1st, 2st and 3t free. SubClass No Quest needed - free. Up to 3 subclasses. SubClass Retail Like: Startup Lvl 40. Buffs All Buffs at NPC. 2 hours buffers time. Buffs Slots 22 + 4 (Divine Inspiration). Macro in Npc full buffs. Armors & Weapons D-Grade to A-Grade by Adenas. S-Grade by Custom Farm. Seven Sings Duration period - 7 days (4 days - period of struggle, 3 days - period of seals). Period of Struggle - from Monday 18:00 - till Friday 06:00. Period of Seals - from Friday 6:15 - till Monday 17:45. Protection Ant DDOS Protection. Security OverEnchant. Anti-Dupe Items. Trade Log. Wharehouse Log. Other Informations Interlude. Retail status. Server Timezone: Time (-3 UTC). Auto learning skills. Epic Bosses: Chaotic Zones. Augument: NG SKILL: 1% | MID SKILL: 2% | HIGH SKILL: 5% | TOP SKILL: 7%. Teleportation for all Towns: GK Global. Spawn protection: 60 seconds. Weight penalty are disabled. Limited Number of running client ( 2 ). Allowed Offline Trade. Disabled all clan penalty. Events TvT Event (Automatic). DM Event (Automatic). Group Vs Group (NPC in Giran). Custom Boss (Fredom) Last Hit Reward Quest Noblesse Blessing. Chaotic Zone. Ant-Zerg (27 Players per clan) Everyday 21:00 (UTC - 3) Spoiler Raid Boss List Raid Boss Custom Spawn Chaotic Zone. Ant-Zerg (27 Players per clan) Spoiler List Raid Boss Custom Spawn No Chaotic Zone. Ant-Zerg (9 Players per clan) Spoiler Big Raid Boss Ant-Zerg (36 Players per clan) Chaotic Zone. Quest sell in NPC per Farming.
  2. Gakido

    Siege Announce

    Fala galera. quero o mod que anuncie apenas no final da siege o nome do clã que ganhou o castelo, alguém ai tem esse mod? Só apenas no final, quando finaliza a siege. Interlude.
  3. Gakido


    Jovem, não entendeu minha duvida, o problema é que as GK NORMAL, que vem em qualquer l2, ta toda com problema.
  4. Gakido


    Fala galera, venho pergunta a vocês se tem a XML da jAcis arrumada, a Teleport.xml, porque a minha aqui, quando uso as gk normal falta id ou não tem .... Poderia Me tirar essa duvida?
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