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  1. Thanks for proving my point. At the beging I was a bit worried... But after checking dates I saw that these files are from December 22nd 2020... Despite the fact he shares Essence (Russians have catched up on you on that one), you share files with l2d geoengine, free version is more updated than that. 😂 Have a great day.
  2. Thanks for pointing out that this forum is full of thieves. Ofcource there are exceptions to this rule, but whomever has eyes sees.
  3. L2jMobius is free so people can help it to become better. If you want to just leech do not even bother using it. Still better than anything else I have tried out there.
  4. The free version is better than this piece of crap shared here.
  5. I could... maybe... but so far I see no benefit in doing so... 😈
  6. Certainly not worth using a buggy project just updated to Java 11. Open your eyes and use L2jMobius Interlude, the amount of fixes and improvements done is incomparable.
  7. https://bitbucket.org/MobiusDev/l2j_mobius/src/master/L2J_Mobius_C1_HarbingersOfWar/ As L2jServer it is not complete. Not all skills and no systems like sieges are implemented. But you have the server sources with latest c1 datapack to work on anything, if you are up to the task. Additionally done: -PvP / PK system. -Fixed cast animations for most skills. -Somewhat of water support. -Distance check for merchants. -Login with multiple clients on the same computer. -Fixes like SoE working as intended. Anyways, I think it is not wort
  8. Careful with the memory leaks buddy. Fix them already. It has been some months...
  9. I feel so ashamed that my versions are not as good as this. This projects code it much cleaner than mine.
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    • NevesOma

      Special NPC with Effects example
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    • BAN - L2JDev

      Bom depois de um tempo Fiz um Dungeon em Instancia usando recursos Padão do jogo as Catacombs.
      Esse Evento em Insntacia Puxa dois Npcs Gatekkeper Para suas Catacombs Dark Omen & Fidel of Massacre
      Apos o Jogador entrar em sua instancia ele poderar participar do evento onde ele tem uma Zona devasta de mostros. com Drops Configurados. com Tempo de doRespawn dos mostro reduzidos.
      Alem de que apos o termino do Evento ele nao pode mais entrar.
      E Npcs Gatekkeper de Entrada.
      E Motros da Tabela SpawnList_Dungeon no navicat os Some. no termino.
      O Evento e em instancia e Usa Conexão ao banco de dados dos Spawn dos Mostro sendo assim Mais Leve pro Servidor.

      Deixo como base.
      Um Evento de 2006 como base da Minha Dungeon!
      Config https://pastebin.com/kp4Rrqgv
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    • makj  »  AikoN~

      vi um post seu.. do dia 6 de maio de 2017, creio eu que era sobre colocar WhatsApp no l2,
      mais se eu te disesse que e possível reativar o msn no jogo ? e usar normalmente ?
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    • bruno1991

      algum servidor bom , com clan que use discord ou team speak , recrutando iniciantes para l2 ? que seja high five
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