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  1. no mate i will not put this on the project, if you can't put it by your self tell me where did you stuck and i will help you. yes you can use it for mid rate. :) project can be used for low-mid-high rate. L2Jhellas discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/HY8nMPp
  2. new updates :) forum: https://l2jhellas.com/ you can download source from here : https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/src/master/ or download ready compiled from here : 4shared rev 564: https://www.4shared.com/rar/obNTFXwgea/L2JHellas564.html mediafire rev 564: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u9l3tslsw5j3497/L2JHellas564.rar/file for more info you can visit the forum. :) Revision 564: Fix: -Barakiel attack intention. thanks to proGenitor for report. -typo-dissabled configs thanks to ChrizyS for patch. -Skill reuse after olympiad match end
  3. hello :) i am the author of l2jhellas, l2jhellas svn dropped, and moved in bitbucket, this is the new link : https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/src/master/ for more info you can always check our forum : https://l2jhellas.com/ have a nice day guys :)
  4. new updates :) forum: https://l2jhellas.com/ compiled 563 : https://www.4shared.com/rar/V2jdzpgMiq/L2JHellas_563.html Revision 563: Fix: -added cooltime on skill 347 EarthQuake. -Siege sound on start-end -npc Typo thanks to EXCLUS1VE for report. -revert config for control towers. -quests npe. reports from live server. -items on ground npe report from live server. -Door control with geodata report from live server. -player can switch target on cast normaly. report from live server. -curse from raid now can be dissable properly thanks to EXCLUS1VE for repo
  5. you can download the latest source 562 from bitbucket. :) https://l2jhellas.com/ https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/src/master/
  6. Revision 559: Fix: -Store message limit. -sql char id load. -Recipe + clean up. -enchanted items properly show in tradelist. -player : on stop fakedeath effect added a task to wait for the animation to finish. -topzone exception. -Summon following the owner(heading correction) l2off like. -npc movement sync. -cubic heal range. -Attack pole to feet with the new aura skills. -fix lag during siege optimization + clean up has been done. -summon pet fix, thanks to daffynash for report. -Seal of Ruler fix thanks to Fortitude for report. -double dammage message thanks
  7. new updates :) https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision 558: Fix: -Action,RequestMagicSkillUse,UseItem added onActionRequest -getAi npe. -monster return home if the target is dead. -prevent to request-move in same position. -recipe craft exploit. -On player die stop FakeDeath effect. -trade exploit. -CharacterCreate messages corrected. -EventEngine cpu overload. -Conditionplayerstate side position. -Remove lucky skill if player lvl > 9 l20ff like.thanks Cibo for report. -Spoil thanks Cibo for report. -geodata target issue, thanks to NoWayOut-Cibo for report. -chara
  8. Guishermo King you did not even use it, and just talking. you dont even know what it is. fix your problems in l2jfrozen and dont talk about hellas again, try to fix your hit delay (alone with no help ) and then we will talk again. otherwise go back to your jfrozen cave kid. xNaRcOtIcOs its fixed in latest rev. its good to report problems in forum not here. in forum it will be fixed faster. https://l2jhellas.com/
  9. duplicate item is fixed, project base its l2jarchid. but a lot of rework-fix has been made,.so the base doesn't matter. hellas running since 2011, 1 year pause, and now we continue again.
  10. https://l2jhellas.com/ new updates :) Revision 557: Fix: -PackageSendableList: item type. -player : on pickup item added a task to wait for the animation to finish. -player : interact with a moving npc player stop movement to avoid ungly stuck effect. -olympiad npe thanks to Velucio for report. -Admin Commands run through a task, that way we avoid to freeze the server. example: //respawn-reload npc now you dont feel anything. -invetory items update thanks to NoWayOut. -npc spawn store(due rework), thanks to NoWayOut. -monsters attacking skills(due rework) thanks to NoWayOut.
  11. speak english i cant understand you, if you have problems report on our forum not here. https://l2jhellas.com/
  12. link to download latest: https://www.4shared.com/rar/5W_PYhK4ea/L2JHellas556.html
  13. Revision 556: Fix: -player karma lost thanks xfranky for report. -player curson bug, thanks raxzerax for report. -admin respawn-delete npc properly delete npcs from database thanks xfranky for report. -on raidboss death player points are properly update. -castle-clanhall wrong message. thanks xfranky for report. -player sendRelationChanged added a check to avoid invisible exploit. -player can properly Equip-uneuip weapons when finish casting. -IpCatcher: perma ban (mac address-ip address) now working properly. -revert char-userinfo player classid. -Auctioneer: r
  14. Revision:555 Added Quests: Q024_InhabitantsOfTheForestOfTheDead Q115_TheOtherSideOfTruth Q136_MoreThanMeetsTheEye Q137_TempleChampionPart1 Q138_TempleChampionPart2 Q139_ShadowFoxPart1 Q140_ShadowFoxPart2 Q141_ShadowFoxPart3 Q142_FallenAngelRequestOfDawn Q143_FallenAngelRequestOfDusk Q343_UnderTheShadowOfTheIvoryTower Q386_StolenDignity Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance Q503_PursuitOfClanAmbition Q505_BloodOffering Q635_InTheDimensionalRift Q648_AnIceMerchantsDream Q998_FallenAngelSelect(custom) Rework-Cleanup: delete L2CharPosition and replace with Locati
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      -= BAN - L2JDev =-
                                        2021 - 2021
      Loading flood protectors.
      Loading gameserver configuration files.
      Chat Filter: Loaded 22 words
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
              at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source)
              at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
              at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
              at net.sf.l2j.commons.config.ExProperties.getProperty(ExProperties.java:64)
              at net.sf.l2j.Config.load(Config.java:2847)
              at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:518)
      Server have terminated abnormaly.
      Mano ta dando esse erro me ajuda a resolver?
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      revoltado, voce poderia me chamar no whatssap ? 31971522327 tenho umas duvidas e precisarei da sua ajuda 
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