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  1. new updates :) https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision 558: Fix: -Action,RequestMagicSkillUse,UseItem added onActionRequest -getAi npe. -monster return home if the target is dead. -prevent to request-move in same position. -recipe craft exploit. -On player die stop FakeDeath effect. -trade exploit. -CharacterCreate messages corrected. -EventEngine cpu overload. -Conditionplayerstate side position. -Remove lucky skill if player lvl > 9 l20ff like.thanks Cibo for report. -Spoil thanks Cibo for report. -geodata target issue, thanks to NoWayOut-Cibo for report. -character running backwards thanks to Cibo for report. -On player hit if the target is invul sound shield implemented l20ff like. -CCE on maybeMoveToPawn. -Player Recommend(improvement-fix):avoid using expencive operation.(search target) -Gm View Character henna info. -Ground skilluse: heading correction. -Ground skilluse(improvement+exploit): avoid using expencive operation. search skill id from player's skills instead of skilltable. Rework: -movetoloc(slight rework) -updateposition(slight rework) -RandomAnimationTaskManager implement: -Position(unity emum) -ChatType(unity emum) replace integer types and edit classes to feet with the new emum. -PlayerCreateFailReason(emum) and edit CharacterCreate-CharCreateFail to feet with the new emum. -CrownList(emum) -NobleSkills(emum) and edit classes to feet with the new emum. -HeroSkills(emum) and edit classes to feet with the new emum. Removed: -Formulas:Dmg bonuses in PvP fight(custom) -CrownTable -NobleSkillTable -HeroSkillTable -SiegeReward (custom) -Geoeditor. -account manager(sql) thanks Cibo for report. -Config MAX_CHAT_LENGTH and replaced in Say2 static lenght(100). -Config ALLOWL2WALKER (its static true.) -ChatFilterPunishment config, and kept only the main chatfilter. -hasVotedHop-hasVotedTop unused sqls-methods. from characters.sql Organization: -PetitionState moved in emum.player package. -PetitionType moved in emum.player package. Dont forget to update your database.
  2. Guishermo King you did not even use it, and just talking. you dont even know what it is. fix your problems in l2jfrozen and dont talk about hellas again, try to fix your hit delay (alone with no help ) and then we will talk again. otherwise go back to your jfrozen cave kid. xNaRcOtIcOs its fixed in latest rev. its good to report problems in forum not here. in forum it will be fixed faster. https://l2jhellas.com/
  3. duplicate item is fixed, project base its l2jarchid. but a lot of rework-fix has been made,.so the base doesn't matter. hellas running since 2011, 1 year pause, and now we continue again.
  4. https://l2jhellas.com/ new updates :) Revision 557: Fix: -PackageSendableList: item type. -player : on pickup item added a task to wait for the animation to finish. -player : interact with a moving npc player stop movement to avoid ungly stuck effect. -olympiad npe thanks to Velucio for report. -Admin Commands run through a task, that way we avoid to freeze the server. example: //respawn-reload npc now you dont feel anything. -invetory items update thanks to NoWayOut. -npc spawn store(due rework), thanks to NoWayOut. -monsters attacking skills(due rework) thanks to NoWayOut. Added Quests: -Q118_ToLeadAndBeLed -Q120_PavelsLastResearch -Q025_HidingBehindTheTruth Removed: -PcColorTable-characters_colors.sql -BuffTemplateTable. -L2BuffTemplate -custom raid event. -raid event sql parameter. -hitman sql parameter. -buff_templates.sql -raid event htmls. -PlayerToAssasinate.java. -EventDroplist.java and more unused classes. Organization: -Emum player-items-skills-sound has been moved to respective classes-package. -L2Item-invetory has been moved to respective classes-package. -L2Party-Partymatch-l2commandchanngel has been moved to actor.group.party package. -Events seperate engine-managers. dont forget to update your database.
  5. speak english i cant understand you, if you have problems report on our forum not here. https://l2jhellas.com/
  6. link to download latest: https://www.4shared.com/rar/5W_PYhK4ea/L2JHellas556.html
  7. Revision 556: Fix: -player karma lost thanks xfranky for report. -player curson bug, thanks raxzerax for report. -admin respawn-delete npc properly delete npcs from database thanks xfranky for report. -on raidboss death player points are properly update. -castle-clanhall wrong message. thanks xfranky for report. -player sendRelationChanged added a check to avoid invisible exploit. -player can properly Equip-uneuip weapons when finish casting. -IpCatcher: perma ban (mac address-ip address) now working properly. -revert char-userinfo player classid. -Auctioneer: read actions issue added propper messages Rework: -L2AttackableAI -L2GuardInstance -Sweep (skill handler) Clean up: -AdminDisconnect -AdminClanFull -AdminNoble and more admin command handlers. -casino manager thanks to StinkyMadness Implement: -(custom)Admin item search thanks to StinkyMadness -(custom)IconData + xml parser. for iteam search, also can be used for every icon we wanna parse in html. i put almost all usable icons. Removed: -AdminMassHero -Formulas: calcFestivalRegenModifier
  8. Revision:555 Added Quests: Q024_InhabitantsOfTheForestOfTheDead Q115_TheOtherSideOfTruth Q136_MoreThanMeetsTheEye Q137_TempleChampionPart1 Q138_TempleChampionPart2 Q139_ShadowFoxPart1 Q140_ShadowFoxPart2 Q141_ShadowFoxPart3 Q142_FallenAngelRequestOfDawn Q143_FallenAngelRequestOfDusk Q343_UnderTheShadowOfTheIvoryTower Q386_StolenDignity Q501_ProofOfClanAlliance Q503_PursuitOfClanAmbition Q505_BloodOffering Q635_InTheDimensionalRift Q648_AnIceMerchantsDream Q998_FallenAngelSelect(custom) Rework-Cleanup: delete L2CharPosition and replace with Location, thanks kara for report. L2CasinoInstance thanks kara for report. deleted PlayerToAssasinate Fix: monsters: prevent to think in not active regions.
  9. protections?what protections?i have fix a lot of things can you be specific?
  10. new updates :) https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision 554: Fix: -Owner Summon animation. -pvp damage in pease zone. -l2off like npc interaction rotate the player to face the npc -The infamous "Air" phx script fix. -CastleManager npe. -onMagicFinalizer npe -attacking monsters circling the player removed rnd and added a check to avoid nearby mobs around the player without any sense. -player speed to synchronize with server-client. -when using delux key if there is no Success chests attack before decaying. -deathpenalty and player exp percent lost close enough to official, removed delevel config, and now player lvl> 9 and without lucky skill, on die loosing exp. there are some exceptions for example: can't lose exp in pvparena-siege participants inside siege zone etc. also added a emum (PlayerExpLost) to avoid hardcode. Rework: ItemsAutoDestroy SkillTreeData FleeingNPCs are correctly working (Rabbit-Elpy) Clean up: SpawnTable L2Spawn: removed spawnlistener HitMan config. Champion config delete, champion are now static in core (config.java) you can modify it there. NpcBufferTable NpcBufferInstance BuffTemplateTable NpcBufferSkillIdsTable Quests: Added: Config to enable-disable FakePlayer system Q114_ResurrectionOfAnOldManager, thanks to BossForever. Q333_HuntOfTheBlackLion, thanks to BossForever. Q334_TheWishingPotion. Q335_TheSongOfTheHunter. Q336_CoinsOfMagic. [/ center]
  11. https://www.4shared.com/rar/TnUF1y5ree/L2JHellas_Revision_553.html
  12. https://l2jhellas.com/ free interlude pack. new updates :) Revision 553:Summon:-if the target is dead the summon go back to his owner.-on finishcasting only offensive skills start autoattack.-onEvtAttacked implement avoidattack.-onEventAttackedDoorTask avoid to search all over the vissibleobjects for siegeguardsnow searching only in specific range.-npcs should not get in combat if not attackable.-door logout and move over exploit.-AquireSkill added a check to avoid underflow exception.Removed:StackIDFactoryCompactionIDFactoryGameGuardQuery(you can add it if you want)
  13. https://l2jhellas.com/ new updates :) Revision 552: Fix: TopTable:sql empty statement thanks to koki150 curse village empty npcs. on addskill: checks for passive-trigger skill UserInfo packet:calculate relation,fix vehicle id,write baseclass. CharInfo packet: fix vehicle id,write baseclass. when pet is dead and player exit game, pet doesn't show master name pet show abnormal visual effect bleed,poison etc.(if exist) pet show owner team(if exist) Abstraction and cleanup of Npc-summon-Polymorph info packet. AchievementsManager minor rework on addToConditionList. on logout(deleteobject) if player is sitting on trhone stand up and delete. Summon correct spawn-fail message summon pk-pvp flag now depends on owner Rework: minor rework on L2PcInstance sendInfo Organization: ClassId moved inside emum package ZoneId moved inside emum package player and summon funcs has been moved to respective classes. Removed: L2MaxPolyModel Connection Test table. dont forget to update your database.
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      Bom dia Amigo
      a tempos não jogo l2 h5, ai no topico de pedidos, pedi uma indicação de release h5, me indicaram a sua, e terminei de ler os comentários hoje, me parece ser a melhor de h5, vi que parece que parou os reports la dos possiveis bugs, e não da pra comentar mais, mas não vem ao caso
      tenho uma vps boa parada com 8 meses pra usar ainda,  essa sua rev com 3gb de ram configurado, suporta qnts players ?
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      Instalar para server

      Navicat V 
      Versão Premium, com as serials. eu usei essse navicat ai que sugiriu mais ai ele n aceita esse mysql, da não compatível como vou estalar os banco de dados, será que eu tem que fazer alguma coisa nesse mysql?
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