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  1. Fun fact, I have decompiled and reassembled this source completely and it's fully functional. I thought of making it open source. Also L2j wasn't created because we wanted to play l2 offline. It was created because L2 had a subscription per account and we were 15 year olds, unable to pay for it 😄
  2. Elfo, u can help me with HWID config ? I take the config from 384acis working, but on 392 the server dont take player hwid, just take a null value,, u know about ?

  3. Elfocrash

    Licença Key

    Send them over
  4. Elfocrash

    Licença Key

    Easy. Send me the files.
  5. Elfocrash

    Licença Key

    It's very easy. Send me the files.
  6. server link is the same as system link
  7. What Java version and what MySQL version are you using? I am on holiday so I don't have the mapping profile to see what's failing. No it's not.
  8. For people PMing me. I won't be sharing the source no matter what. Thanks.
  9. I am not proud of the source so I don't wanna share it. It take a lot of shortcuts because this was never meant to be shared. It's just for personal entertainment purposes and to provide inspiration. Nothing else.
  10. Hello everyone I launched L2BattleRoyale a year ago. I never had any hopes for it, it just was a server that I wanted to play. It ended up peaking at 200 people but after a 2 week period it died because there was no progression. Many people had fun playing it and since some of you might not have a chance to try it I am posting the full compiled project without any limitations. I will NOT be updating this project. This is only to set up and have fun with your friends. It doesn't have any bugs. You can find some features here: Imgur album of features: https://imgur.co
  11. Just saw this. The server peaked at 200 players but I never set up and progression so obviously after 2 weeks I closed it. I can share the pack if people wanna play it locally.
  12. Yeah I switched it to private. I might opensource it again but hide the original java source.
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