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  1. Diga-me qual versão você usa e eu verifico se alterações são necessárias no código
  2. Se você quiser que eu adicione algo mais à web, pode me informar por este meio
  3. por favor use a última versão do repositório
  4. Add 'auction items'
  5. PDO is used where important queries are analyzed before being executed.
  6. why? Even so, this page is under development and as I already mentioned ... I will continue to implement more. Right now I implemented a system to see the respawn time of the bosses and grandboss as well as a panel to see their drops and skills. Other systems that I plan to implement are: - System to be able to put it in the language that you like the most. - System of sale / purchase of items between users. - Others. If they have ideas of things to implement they can be analyzed. I am a Java and web developer. This is the current design of the web
  7. Pagina de Lineage 2 para aCis. Esta pagina esta dedicada para servidores L2j basados en el pack 'aCis'. Características base - Sistema de 'Single Page' basado en javascript. - Ranking pvp, pk. - Estado del server. - Estado castillos. - Registro de cuentas a la ultima versión de aCis. - Noticias - Eventos - Descargas - Características del servidor Repositorio: https://github.com/fissban/Lineage2_web_modern
  8. ¬¬ No se porque solo vi este aporte en este foro
  9. The project is a fork of L2jserver unstable based version of H5, we remain synchronized with l2jserver project. to keep the progress they made ​​q. But the project is not only that we also have the implementation of mods such as: - Event HappyHour -> Rates diferentes para cada dia de la semana con posibilidad de setear horarios de evento. -> Exp -> SP -> Drop rate Quest. -> Drop general. - Colour System title and name as many pvp and pk. - Show Screen message. - VoteReward Hopzone, Topzone, Top L2jBrasil y Top AdminsproL2 - Announcements forpvp y pk
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