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    erro navicat

    ss mais esse erro ta sendo quando vou cria o local de conexao no navicat nao num ja existente e isso que nao to entendo
  2. junio23

    erro navicat

    nao consigo conectar meu site com meu database sempre que tento da esse erro alguem sabe oque e como resolver ?
  3. nao to conseguindo achar aonde fica o arquivo para troca o banner do meu site se alguem souber agradeço muito valeu!!
  4. # Enter here (ip) address of your game server, or use the symbol * GameserverHostname = * GameserverPort = 7777 # Configure your external ip ExternalHostname = junio21.no-ip.biz # Configure your internal ip InternalHostname = # Define internal networks (, is default internal networks) InternalNetworks= # Define optional networks and router IPs # IP ( or fully qualified domain name # (google.com) that resolves to an IP (use ping to determine if a domain resolves). # Format: ip,net/mask;ip,net/mask,net/mask # (mask or would be 192.168.*.*) # Note: keep InternalNetworks and OptionalNetworks blank for compatibility with older login server OptionalNetworks= # Bunch ID and game server. It is better not to change. LoginPort = 9014 LoginHost = # Database Pool Type # Possible Values: c3p0 or BoneCP # c3p0: more stable # BoneCP: more performance DatabasePoolType=c3p0 # Parameters Databases - MYSQL Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver URL = jdbc:mysql://localhost/ # Database name GameserverDB = l2jdb LoginserverDB = l2jdb # Login - Mysql's user Login = root # Password - Mysql's user Password = # Attention: lazy init connections disabled! # Please, set only real values for your database # Default: 100 MaximumDbConnections = 50 # Default: 0 MaximumDbIdleTime = 0 # The timeout before a new connection to the database (in ms) # 0 - to remove restrictions TimeOutConDb = 0 # The timeout before the single connection must be closed (in ms) # if a connection life is more then this timeout, a Runtime Exception # is rised up. Post the exception on forum (www.l2jfrozen.com) to solve # it. SingleConnectionTimeOutDb=200000 # Sets number of partitions to use.- BoneCP # In order to reduce lock contention and thus improve performance, # each incoming connection request picks off a connection from a pool that has thread-affinity, # i.e. pool[threadId % partition_count]. The higher this number, the better your performance will be for the case # when you have plenty of short-lived threads. Beyond a certain threshold, maintenance of these pools will start # to have a negative effect on performance (and only for the case when connections on a partition start running out). PartitionCount = 3 # Setting emulation off the kernel (package SendStatus) RemoteWhoLog = True RemoteWhoSendTrash = True RemoteWhoMaxOnline = 329 RemoteOnlineIncrement = 50 RemoteWhoForceInc = 50 RemotePrivStoreFactor = 12 # Minimum and maximum protocol revision that server allow to connect. # You must keep MinProtocolRevision <= MaxProtocolRevision. MinProtocolRevision = 1 MaxProtocolRevision = 9999 # Define how many players are allowed to play simultaneously on your server. MaximumOnlineUsers = 1000 # Datapack folder # DatapackRoot = C:/Work/tmp/DataPack
  5. eu consigo entra ate parte q aparece "light 9999" o ping ta asim ai nao entra fica parado naquela parte oq ta faltando sem alguem sobe e poder responder agradeço.
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