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Found 2 results

  1. Bom dia pessoal. Segue como prometido o VoteSystem ICPNetworks 2.7 atualizado e funcionando em servidores L2j, L2j base russa e L2OFF. A senha do arquivo é: ByIvanPires Testem e qualquer problema reportem aqui no tópico. Configurem sempre desta forma: linha 1 = Top ID / linha 2 = Token ID Para iniciantes acessem o link do VoteSystem antigo. Abraço a todos. VoteSystem ICPNetworks 2.7 - l2j e l2off.rar
  2. VDS Vote Donate System Implementation of vote global and individual system with itopz donate panel task manager. As title says its an auto donation reward based on DenArt-Designs panel and or https://itopz.com free ones A Vote System & Donate System made for a variety of projects ideas and problems send on github! A project with sources and planned for updates to match a bigger variety of projects and topsites and maybe more codes. Full VDS project source: https://github.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/ Compiled VDS Jars: https://github.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/releases/ Developer's Note: the (small) patch its on each project's folder with name Patch.diff Global vote system IP restricted rewards Reward every XX minutes Reward step every XX votes Reward item list will check if item exist Reward item list with chances 0-100% Reward item randomized of min-max values Update console votes and ranking Save votes in case of restarting the server Monthly reset for votes Print response failure message Configured announcement print of server vote statistics Individual vote system Automatically register .itopz command Reward item list will check if item exist Reward item list with chances 0-100% Reward item randomized of min-max values Reward will set as "expired" after 12hours checking server time Reward reuse 12hours Command used after reward will show remaining time (PM/AM) to vote again Check for local ips is restricted Check for response errors Check if player voted Donate Management (upgrade version of https://github.com/nightw0lv/DonatePanel) Player donates through Donate Panel Item will be rewarded in game Configs Fully configured Console Fully configured global reward Fully configured individual reward Console Information buttons Can send global reward in-game manually Prints rewards Prints donates Prints monthly reset Prints database updates Shows server ranking statistics Shows if you use DEMO or API key as mode status Auto scrolling messages Fully configured Note Can be used with LIVE and TEST modes Special thanks to Rationale Images https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/1.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/2.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/3.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/4.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/5.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/6.png https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/master/images/7.png Supported Projects Scions of Destiny Lisvus Interlude aCis 394 Hellas Frozen Lucera High Five Scripts Scripts Zaken aVa FandC Remorse Mobius projects Mobius 1.0 Ertheia Mobius 2.5 Underground Mobius 3.0 Helios Mobius 4.0 GrandCrusade Mobius 5.0 Salvation Mobius 5.5 EtinasFate Mobius 6.0 Fafurion Mobius 7.0 PreludeOfWar Mobius C4 ScionsOfDestiny Mobius C6 Interlude Mobius CT 2.4 Epilogue Mobius CT 2.6 HighFive Mobius Classic 2.0 Saviors Mobius Classic 2.1 Zaken Mobius Classic 2.2 Antharas Mobius Classic 2.3 SevenSigns Mobius Classic 2.4 SecretOfEmpire Mobius Classic 3.0 TheKamael Mobius Classic Interlude Updated first link github source and compiled releases. - Version 1.1 - Minimal Requirement on server resources and class consistency along projects. - Addition of Thread class. - Addition of Random class. - Addition of Logs class. - Addition of Url class. - Addition of Rewards class. - SQL independence on tables with vds_individual and vds_global tables automatic install by default - Addition of topsites and their configs. - Hopzone. - L2Network. - L2TopGameServer. - L2TopServers. - L2Votes. - L2JBrasil. - Gui - Addition of Debug on/off button. - Addition of Bug report button. - Removed Debug mode. - Rework on the class to update all topsite statistics. - Rework on console size and re-arrange information and console. - Fixed Bug that made global with individual rewards conflict. - Improved custom JSon parser for wannabe-called APIs on a lot of topsites. - Improved Debug with External IP Address. - Improved code style on some cases like enchanted switch on mobius projects. Updates: - Addition of Sunrise project as requested - Addition of Mobius Latest Premium Projects (Include Sylph, Return of the Queen Ant and Dwelling of Spirits)
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