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Assembling Ertheia Odyssey Infinite

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NOTE: This short guide is for a L2J Server. http://l2jserver.com

If you received this file as a part of a packaged or bundled build:

L2J only supports L2J software obtained directly from L2J sources.

What this means is, if you obtained L2J from a source other than our SVN or nightly distribution,

you need to get support from where you got the files.

We are unable to provide any technical assistance for unsupported software packages.

The software may have viruses, cause security problems,

or even send your personal information to remote servers without your express consent.

We cannot recommend the use of any of these packages on a server.

WARNING: L2J Server is not a plug and play type of server.

To setup the server and to run it successfully you need to do a lot of reading.

If reading and learning are not something you like to do,

Stop now.


L2J Server


















L2J is an Alternative Lineage 2 Game Server written in pure Java for

best compatibility. L2J gives you the possibility to legally host a game

server for this popular Korean MMO created by NCSoft. It is still

unfinished and many features are missing, but L2J Dev team is working

hard on implementing them. L2J Server is distributed under the terms

of GNU/GPL in a hope that open source model is the best for

developing quality software giving everyone a possibility to

participate on development by submitting the code.




Copyright © 2004-2015 L2J Server

This file is part of L2J Server.

L2J Server is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by

the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

(at your option) any later version.

L2J Server is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License

along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

Full GNU/GPL License is included in L2J_Server_LICENSE.txt file.

Whereas L2J is distributed under the terms of GNU/GPL, we require you to:

a) Preserve login notice. This gives us, L2J Developers, appropriate

credit for our hard work done during our free time without any


b) Do not distribute any extended data files with the server files in

the same archive. NO world content should be incorporated in L2J


Server and Datapack may not be not be bundled or packaged.





Any OS having Java JDK 1.8 installed and properly configured!

We recommend using SUN JDK available at java.sun.com


Decent CPU & RAM


Java JDK 1.8



We recommend:

That you do not play and host the server from the same computer.

Have a good Internet connection - dial up just won't cut it.

Many low cost hosting options are available.




Before you can start up the server it is extremely important to read

and get to know the wiki sites.

They contain all the info you need to setup and run a L2J Server.

L2J Server wiki: Server Guides, How-to's, bugtracker:

L2J-Datapack wiki: Datapack Guides, How-to's, bugtracker:

This Server distribution does not contain any spawn/drop data or any world

content. (Datapack)

L2J Server has also a possibility to change exp/sp/drop rates relative

to data in spawnlist/droplist files. To do that, just change the rates

you need in server.properties file found in config folder.

You should also configure your IP address in server.properties.

Server uses ports 2106 (LoginServer) and 7777 (GameServer) by

default. If your server runs behind NAT or firewall you will need to

open and/or forward these ports.




To make someone an admin you need to edit the l2j database.

For accounts take a look into the 'accounts' table(loginserver database).

Change the value of the 'accessLevel' column to one of the following:

- < 0: banned account

- 0: user account

- > 0: admin/gm account (bypass max player limit)

For characters take a look into the 'characters' table(gameserver database).

Change the value of the 'accessLevel' column to one of the access levels

described in the 'game/config/accessLevels.xml' table.

To adjust the allowed admin commands for an access level take a look into


More info can be found in the community wiki.

Admin commands implemented:

(Please see https://l2jserver.com/trac/wiki/GmCommands for more complete list.)

//admin = main GM interface

//gmchat = will send a message to all online GMs

//invul = makes your character untouchable





Our server is dependent on the official release of the North American lineage2 live client.

All help and support will only be for the official client.

Any clients obtained elsewhere, must obtain support from where it was obtained.




It may arrive that you want to update your server to new version while

keeping old accounts. There are few steps you HAVE TO do in order to

keep the data accurate.

- You should ALWAYS look at timelines before updating, sometimes a file

format may change, so you will need to edit data manually to fit with

new format.

- You should ALWAYS Backup all MySql data.

- You should ALWAYS Backup all Server and Datapack files.

- back up all .properties files (don't forget to check if new server use same

format for those files)

- download & unzip new server code to the Server directory

- download & unzip new datapack code to the Server directory

- edit and run update in the tools folder

- run newly installed server & enjoy ;)





- Client outputs bunch of messages about missing templates.


- Check that the datapack has been properly installed.


- Message similar to "java is not recognized as internal command",

"java not found" or "unknown command: java" appears.


- Install java, or, if java is already installed just add your java

binary directory to system PATH setting. If you don't know how to do

that, than DO NOT bother running your own server please.


- I can log in but ping is 9999s and I can't get past Server Select.


- Set up your IP's properly, forward/open good ports if accessing from

outside. (or find server with admin that knows how to do it)


- Skills/quests/whatever don't work.


- Patience brings it's fruits :p


- I found a bug.


- Please refer to BUG REPORTING section of this read-me.

Further help available at the wiki sites and the forums.




IRC: #l2j @ Freenode (irc.freenode.net)

Please note that L2J Devs can't help players with connecting issues or

anything related to playing on private servers. If you can't connect,

you should contact your server GM's. We can solve only L2J server

~software~ related issues. We don't have any backdoors or anything

that would enable us GM accounts on every server using L2J, so there's

no point in coming to our channel if you need items/adena/whatever





Anyone who wants to contribute to the project is encouraged to do so. Java

programming skills are not always required as L2J needs much more than

java code.

If you created any source code that may be helpful please use the User Contributions

section on our forums. If you contributed good stuff that will be

accepted, you might be invited to join L2J Dev Team.

People willing to hang on chat and respond to user questions are also

ALWAYS welcome ;)




Bugs can be reported on our wiki site.

Basic rules for reporting are:

Please report only one bug/issue per ticket!!

You must include the revision (changeset) number when reporting a bug!

"The latest" does not mean anything when 5 more updates have been done since you set up the server.

If you are not sure if it should be reported here, make a post about it in the L2J forum.

Players should ALWAYS consult bugs with their Admin/GM's and have them report it

on our wiki site. Some bugs may be caused by bad datapack, server

installation or modifications server owner has made. We can't help you

in that case.

Please use the datapacks bugtracker for reporting datapack bugs.

Please do NOT report bugs related to unofficial add-ons to L2J. L2J

bugtracker is NOT a place to fix that. Contact the person who made

modification instead.




Dev team:

Have fun playing L2J ;)

Dev Team

L2J Server, Copyright © 2004-2012


This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it

under certain conditions.

Obs: Não tenho crédito algum, apenas trouxe para compartilhar com quem quiser testar.

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Aion 4.7 Invasion

Link: http://aionfocus.com.br

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Proteja seu servidor de ataques DDoS massivos!


kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk na versão Ertheia mano já estou fazendo o meu 100% mas o foda q já saiu o carai do lvl 106 e não tem como update dos codicos java no meu server por quer não tenho a source ai fica difícil para virar odyssey e o jeito todos jogar ertheia ..ou se não comprar uma source completa já com todos intens da l2script sai bem mais barato..

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Eu estou a procura de um pack bom para um pvp, mas não encontro nada estável, nem para pvp, kkkkkkkkkk

Tenho aion 4.7 estável com tudo funcional, eventos etc. Tudo ok

Mas eu queria mesmo era um l2 ertheia, aion ta quebradão, comprei meu server à toa, kkkkk

Tenho um bom vps e nem sei oque por online!

Aion 4.7 Invasion

Link: http://aionfocus.com.br

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Proteção Oficial L2JBrasil


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    • 1ra pregunta: Tendrá que ir al archivo HTML del NPC, allí encontrará el XML del elemento deseado. puede cambiar el elemento o descargar las animaciones y texturas del elemento aquí mismo en el foro. para que puedas ver el artículo. 2da pregunta: Puede colocar elementos de grado A. y deje artículos de grado S para la agricultura o la artesanía. Espero haber ayudado, ¡buena suerte!   No ser aburrido, porque son las reglas del foro. la próxima vez que desee una respuesta del proyecto, ya sea una o esa. ir En el área correcta, allí podrá recibir su respuesta lo antes posible. https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forum/18-dúvidas/ porque en cualquier proyecto es solo hablar sobre el proyecto y sus errores o errores.
    • procure por este caminho. gameserver\data\xml\fakepcs abra  o arquivo com algum programa que leia o arquivo, como NotePad ++ lá você poderá colocar o id do NPC e colocar qual roupa ou arma você quer que ele use. ou vá nesse caminho. \gameserver\data\xml\npcs procure o id do NPC, lá você poderá modificar o template do NPC desejado. Não sendo chato, porque são regras do fórum. da próxima vez que quiser resposta de algum projeto, qualquer um ou esse. vá Na área correta, lá você poderá receber sua resposta, o mas rápido possível. https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forum/18-dúvidas/ pois em qualquer projeto só é para falar do projeto e seus erros ou bugs.
    • # ================================================================ #                          Gameserver setting # ================================================================ # This is transmitted to the clients, so it has to be an IP or resolvable hostname. If this ip is resolvable by Login just leave * Hostname = # Bind ip of the gameserver, use * to bind on all available IPs. GameserverHostname = * GameserverPort = 7777 # The Loginserver host and port. LoginHost = LoginPort = 9014   #============================================================= #                         Loginserver #============================================================= # This is transmitted to the clients, so it has to be an IP or resolvable hostname Hostname = # Bind ip of the LoginServer, use * to bind on all available IPs LoginserverHostname = LoginserverPort = 2106 # The Loginserver host and port. LoginHostname = LoginPort = 9014 leave it that way so you can log into your server. if it is dedicated or vps it will work; if it is on your pc, it will not work. because the project does not allow you to access the server through the same ip where the server is parked. L2OFF style. you will only be able to enter your server through another pc with another External IP. if you choose to move on your server, you can only access Locally; Hope this helps. Good luck.
    • hay alguna guia de como instalar l2j mega?
    • Es un pack limpio. Como hago para cuando le haga click al GMShop no vea esos iconos negros ? Otra cosa: Pido una recomendacion a uds. expertos ... En el systema que hace el packserver de inicio de un player te regalan las armaduras graso S de acuerdo a la clase y raza que escoges . Que podria poner en lugar de las grado S si es que mi server seria 50x rates ?   Mil gracias son unos capos !
    • Tenho uma licença advext64 INTERLUDE sem limite de players, possuo também  pack editado para um pow rate 15x com npcbuff básico, possui Aioxbuffer,  NPCS, Itens vendidos nos NPCS retail weapon shops, grocery, de várias Cidades com Grade D Dion, Grade C em giran, edição com itens por arena e por moeda donation, sem área de Farm, sendo gmedal e medal em todo o server, podendo modificar para um mid rate até 75x por exemplo com facilidade, não quero investir com R$, até porque o L2OFF em si já possue um bom custo, quero somente pode fazer parte da staff na edição e posteriormente possuir um char para jogar pois não tenho intenção de administrar o servidor, se alguém interessar em Abrir o servidor pode me procurar.
    • please help my Wan Ip No Connections  port all Open  my Computer  is  I7  32 Gb SSD 1 TR  HDD 2TR
    • Olá, como você gostaria de saber, se essa configuração pré-servidor tem a missão geral corrigida. Gostaria de configurar um servidor baixo e o mais importante é a quest.
    • alguem sabe o caminho para mudar o template do NPC de olympiada ?
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