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[GUIDE] Weapons for Interlude


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this guide will go over creating (or importing..) weapons using Unreal. this method allows you to put as many weapons as you want in 1 package! Benefits = organization, less clutter, flexible settings, high quality models, animated


same thing as hats, set meshsectionm.. to msm single piece and delete all the others except 0



press this button to apply settings to lod




this is really important that you do this for textures! especially if they are rgb8! compress as dxt3. dxt1 for icons.






**if lod is not properly set, this will happen**

you can work around this using UNK in grp but it is not practical and very specific, i will go over it later





export script =

umodel -export -all LineageMonstersTex5.utx




Env maps


**it would be great if someone can leave portuguese translation underneath the original text**

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