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[ Lineage ][ Serenity ] - Interlude 75x

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Nome completo: Leonardo V. Souza (Léo)


Informações do servidor

``Basic Rates & Quests Configuration``

2-8f47bd79099d3a1ae06dea469d771e5a.jpg 75x EXP by Monsters/Raid Bosses
Br_cash_rune_of_sp_i00_0.jpg 75x SP by Monsters/Raid Bosses
etc_adena_i00.png 35x Adena
skill4108.png 1x World Bosses drop
skill4270_1.png 5x Weight Limit
etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png 2x Academy Reputation Points

skill0332.png  skill0254.png 75+ Special Areas Drop & Spoil:
         → Drope and Spoil A-Agrade and S-Grade, special in our farm areas (Seal of Shilen and Antharas Lair).
→ 3x for Equipment & Materials
→ 2x for Recipes
→ 2x for Keymats

skill0333.png 80+ Special Areas Raid Bosses Drop:
→ 3x for Equipment
→ 4x for Scrolls of enchantment
→ 1x for Keymats

R85_talisman_md_up_passive_0.jpg Safe Enchant: +4
R85_talisman_ca_up_active_0.jpg Max Enchant Weapon +17
R85_talisman_ca_up_active_0.jpg Max Enchant Armor: +16
etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05.png Normal Scroll Chance: +5,60%; +6,60%; +7,60%; +8,55%; +9,55%; +10,55%; +11,50%; +12,50%; +13,50%; +14,45%; +15,40%; +16,35%; +17,15%
etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05.png Blessed Scroll Chance: +5,65%; +6,65%; +7,65%; +8,60%; +9,60%; +10,60%; +11,55%; +12,55%; +13,50%; +14,45%; +15,40%; +16,35%; +17,8%

``Game Setup & Standard Features Configuration``

Etc_nvidia_i00_0.jpg Windows 10 compatible - YES
Etc_l2_i00_0.jpg Multibox - YES, max 2box.
g2LYwzk.png Autopickup - YES/NO, manual or autopickup for items from monsters (use .menu).
skill1204.png Total buff slots 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration Free)
skill1064.png All skills are autolearn.
weapon_unique_zariche_i00.png Cursed Weapons - YES.
Etc_exchange_box_i00_0.jpg Offline Shops - YES, by using the command .offline after you setup a private store.
etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00.png Subclass - requires the second part of the quest.
etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Mana Potions - available in General Merchant Shop.
         → Replenishing 1.000 mana upon click with a 10-second delay.
         → You can use the automatic potion (.menu)

skill1505.png Class Master located in every town & village.
         → 1st class transfer Free.
         → 2nd class transfer Free.
         → 3rd class transfer costs 10kk adena.
skilltransform3.png NPC Buffer Information:
 → PP/SE/EE buffs up to 78lv. (excluding all kind of attributes resists)
 → BD/SWS buffs up to 78lv. (excluding all kind of attributes resists)
 → Summon buffs are not available in NPC Buffer.
 → All buffs duration 2h.
 → Buffs free until 40lv., after costs 1k adena each.
 → Heal CP/HP service Free.

event_hero_treasure_box_i00.pngGeneral Merchant Shop:
 → Includes top NO Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. 
 → Includes top D-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. 
 → Includes low/top C-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels.
 → Includes low/top B-Grade - weapons, armors, jewels. 
 → Includes soulshots, spiritshots & blessed spiritshots up to S-Grade.
 → Includes a variety of consumables.

etc_ssq_scroll_i00.png Seven Signs - OFFLINE.
skill0013.png Castle Sieges 
 → Gludio Castle, Saturday 18:00 GMT+2.
 → Innadril Castle, every Saturday, 18:00 GMT+2.
 → Giran Castle, every Saturday, 21:00 GMT+2.
 → Dion Castle, every Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2.
 → Oren Castle, every Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2.
 → Rune Castle, every Sunday, 21:00 GMT+2.
 → Schuttgart Castle every Monday, 18:00 GMT+2.
 → Goddard Castle, every Monday, 22:00 GMT+2.
 → Aden Castle, every Wednesday 22:00 GMT+2.

skill1374.png Olympiad
 → 7 days olympiad period.
 → Olympiad operates every day from 15:00 to 18:00 and from 21:00 to 00:00, GMT-3.
 → Only enchanted items up to +6 are allowed.
 → Both class based & non classed based competitions are available.
      *9 Required registrants to begin non class based competition daily.
      *3 Required registrants to begin class based competition daily.
 → Participants can register only 1x character per HWID into the olympiad games.
 → Participants are fully healed only when they enter the stadium and not before the game begins.
 → Entering the stadium all cubics, pets or summons are erased, except Soultaker's.

``Clan System Configuration``

- Dismissing an academy member does not provide penalty to the clan.
- Only 6lv. and above clans may bid for Clan Halls.
- Only 6lv. and above clans can register on Castle Sieges.
- Academy characters provide x1.5 more Clan Reputation Points reward than retail.
- Heroes provide 3 time less points reward to the Clan.
- Castles provide 2 times less points reward to the Clan.
- Raid Boss ranking provides x1.5 more Clan Reputation Points reward than retail.
- Clan skill "Clan Efficiency" can be learned by a 5lv. Clan for free. Increases clan members buff slots by 4.
- Enemy war tags appear with an orange coloured name.

skill5076_a.png Clan Penalties
 → 24h Leave Clan Penalty.
 → 12h Clan Expell Penalty.
 → 72h Delete Clan Penalty.
etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png Clan Size
 → 40 members max, Main Clan.
 → 10 members max, Royal Guard Until.
 → 5 members max, Order of Knights Unit.
 → 20 members max, Academy limit.
skill5074.png Clan War System
 → When a member from a clan, kills a member from an other clan on a PvP, Clan War is automatically declared to the opposition clan.
 → When a member from a clan PK's a member from an other clan, Clan War is automatically declared to the opposition clan with a 24h war closure penalty.

``World Bosses & Raid Bosses Configuration & Features``

skill4111.png All the Raid Bosses & their minions are invulnerable for 10-15 minutes after their respawn.

(Excluding World Bosses & Raid Bosses that are in instance zone or summoned, such as Shadow of Halisha, Anakazel, Soul of Fire Nastron, Emperor Bumbalump etc.) 

skill4111.png All the Raid Bosses respawn is 12-20 hours. (except Ember 12-36h)
etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00.png All the Sub-Class Raid Bosses respawn is 16-24 hours. (* Subclass Quest boxes appear for 40 seconds after raid's death)

skill4111.png Global announcement will appear 20-30 minutes before the respawn of the following Raid Bosses: (Shilen's Messenger Cabrio, Death Lord Hallate, Kernon, Longhorn Golkonda, Flame of Splendor Barakiel, Ketra's Hero Hekaton, Varka's Hero Shadith, Ketra's Commander Tayr, Varka's Commander Mos, Ember)
skill1323.png Noblesse Raid Boss - Flame of Splendor Barakiel is 4-6 hours.
skill0078.png PvP Zones inside in all Epic Bosses Areas.

World Bosses spawns & windows:
accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png Queen Ant respawn is 22- 24 hours.
accessory_ring_of_core_i00.png Core respawn is 22- 24 hours.
accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.png Orfen respawn is 22 - 24 hours.
accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken respawn is 34 - 36 hours.
accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.png Baium respawn is 2 46 - 48 hours.
accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.png Frintezza respawn is 70- 72 hours.  
accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.png Antharas respawn is 106- 108 hours.  
accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png Valakas respawn is 166- 168 hours.  


Cargos pretendidos e número de vagas

  • 5KFgt6z.png - Content Creator
  • [1 vaga]
  • DDgEkrk.png - Global Moderator
  • [1 vaga]


Interesses e benefícios: Usuários com conhecimento em Fórum IPS 4.x e conhecimento em Lineage 2 Crônica Interlude.


Equipe atual

  • k1rSap2.png - 4Unknow
  • yzndYyu.png - iPsicolL
  • yzndYyu.png - theAbbys
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